Iranian Stone

Iranian Stone

Iran is one of the biggest providers of building & decorative stone with a wide variety of types (onyx-marble-granite-travertine)

. these products are represented as tiles, slabs, and also stone artifacts and products like stone sculpture, stone inscriptions, stone fountains, etc.

Stones are among the resistant and durable materials that are used as one of the most widely used building materials for construction. The use of stone by humans to build an habitant dates back many years. The observation of ancient artifacts, considering the technical facilities and technology of that time, such as Egyptian pyramids or artworks in Rome, Greece, and Iran, is astonishing. Historians have estimated the use of stone by humans to be more than 12,000 years old.

The use of stone began with large blocks, and with the advancement of science and technology, its weight was gradually reduced, and more attention was paid to the color, polish, texture, and strength of the stone.
And today more beautiful stone tiles with color, polished surfaces, and small diameters are used.

History of the use of building stone in Iran

Masonry in Iran began centuries before the birth of Christ, with the provision of equipment for hunting animals and the necessities of life, and has gradually reached its peak of prosperity. In general, it should be said that masonry in ancient Iran was mostly dedicated to providing agricultural equipment and tools for hunting and peeling animals.

Stone has also played a very important and fundamental role in the construction of historical monuments and antiquities. Remains of the use of stone in Persepolis, Pasargadae, Takht-e Soleyman, and many other Islamic and Sassanid buildings throughout Iran country show the long history of the use of stone.

persepolis palace
Bahram Fire Temple

Building stone quarries in Iran

The world’s building stone reserves amount to about 15 billion tons, including granite stone, marble stone, travertine stone, and onyx stone. Meanwhile, the extraction and consumption of building stones in Iran have a long history. Iran ranks fourth in the world in terms of stone reserves. Iranian stones have a very high diversity in terms of structure, texture, and strength.

abbas abad travertine quarry

The Most Important Iranian Stone Quarries

The most important provinces with building stone quarries are Isfahan, West Azerbaijan, Lorestan, Fars, and Yazd. Isfahan province, with 89 travertine quarries has the highest number of quarries of this type of stone among Iran’s provinces.

Iran Onyx Stone

Onyx Marble is one of the best and most expensive building stones and decorative stones, available in various natural textures And characteristics in the quarries of Iran. This stone is generally used as wall cladding, floor cladding, and also stairs in the interior of the building. This stone can also be used to make sculpturesfountains, tombstones, flower-pot, washbasins, etc.

in the bottom gallery, you can see some of Iran’s onyx stone textures in tiles:

Iran Granite Stones

Granite stone is one of the common types of stone as building material. The usages of this beautiful stone are on the floor, wall, and stairs. granite is the best choice in hard environments such as parking floors, outdoor cladding, stairs and etc in factories, workshops, complexes, and houses.

at the bottom gallery, you can see some of the famous granites of Iran.

Iran Travetine Stones

Nowadays, Travertine stone has become one of the best choices to use on building facades and wall cladding with a wide variety of sizes, characteristics, and textures. travertine also is being used in order to produce stone products like stonemasonry, sculptures, fluted columns, cornices, pillar capital, flower-pot and etc. 

Iran Marble Stone

Marble stone is one of the most common stones in building as wall cladding, floor cladding, and stairs in various sizes(60*60 – 80*80 – 40*30 and … as tiles). Also, marble stone is widely used in fountains, sculptures, flower-pot, etc. Iran has many mines of various marble types and colors, from white to black, and also other colors with or without streaks. Vazin company provides high-quality marble with the best prices to import from Iran to your country.

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