Building Stone

most of the common building stones (TravertineGraniteMarbleOnyx) as veneer stones for walls – floors- facades – stairs are at the bottom list. also, you can filter the list with stone types, colors, usages, and sizes (Tiles & Slab). for more information about building stones read the bottom descriptions.

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  • Crema marfil marble stone
  • Crema marfil marble stone
  • Crema marfil marble stone tile
  • Crema marfil marble stone tile
  • Crema marfil marble stone tile

Crema Marfil Marble

$10 per square metre
  • Pietra Gray Marble
  • Pietra Gray Marble tile
  • pietra gray texture
  • leathered bush-hammerd finish pietragrey marble-stone
  • pietra grey plaid bush hammered

Pietra Grey Marble

$7$13 per square metre

the meaning of building stone is the stones which is used as a building material. stone usages could be indoor and outdoor of buildings. now we take a look at this topic with these two categorization.

1/ Outdoor building stones

  • front and back side building facades
  • wall cladding in yard and border wall
  • flooring stone in open places like yards, roof garden, balcony, roof
  • Stairs in outdoor

2/ Indoor building stones

  • wall cladding in parking lot, the stairs wall, interior walls in home or office
  • indoor stairs like stairs in duplex houses, stairs ways

appropriate way of using of stones as building materials

this topic is very important. in case of inappropriate using generally would cause of distractions in interface or breaking. the below items are the two example items of a bad usages of stone types as a building materials:

for example if Shayan marble used as facades, it would lost its shiny and glassy surface gradually. because basically marble is not suitable for outdoor usage.

using of Granite in building facades would cause to increase the weight of building and gradually losing the beautifully of interface because of rusty of irons in material combination of granite.

Standard usage of stone type in building parts

according to noted items now there is a question. where is the right usage of each stone in building?

basically we cannot define a specific role for all sorts of each stone types. because inspire of stone types like Travertine or Marble or Granite we should consider some factors like the sort of stones and its specifics,the thickness, the processed actions on, the finish type .

Usage of Travertine stones

  • front and back facades of buildings
  • indoor and outdoor wall cladding
  • outdoor and also indoor flooring

Usage of Marble stone in building

  • indoor wall cladding
  • indoor flooring
  • indoor stairs

generally in order to use marble in outdoor, the finish and thickness of stone should be in different with indoor usage. (Sandblasted or Natural Cleft finish and thickness of 30 mm to upper)

Granite Usages as building materials

  • indoor wall cladding
  • flooring in indoor and parking lot
  • indoor stairs

Price of building stones

there are some factors to affect on stone pricing.

the stone types like Travertine or Granite or Marble
the sort of types (texture – color – streak and veins)
the size of stones. the bigger, the highest price

and because of low rate of Ir rial currency in comparison with US dollar and other most stable currencies and inside mines of stones, the price is very lower than other countries. for example travertine prices are between $3 to $15 and Marble prices are between $3 to $12.