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most of the common building stones (TravertineGraniteMarbleOnyx) as veneer stones for walls – floors- facades – stairs are at the bottom list. also, you can filter the list with stone types, colors, usages, and sizes (Tiles & Slab). for more information about building stones read the bottom descriptions.


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        • Crema marfil marble stone
        • Crema marfil marble stone
        • Crema marfil marble stone tile
        • Crema marfil marble stone tile
        • Crema marfil marble stone tile

        Crema Marfil Marble

        $10 per square metre
        • Pietra Gray Marble
        • Pietra Gray Marble tile
        • pietra gray texture
        • leathered bush-hammerd finish pietragrey marble-stone
        • pietra grey plaid bush hammered

        Pietra Grey Marble

        $7$13 per square metre

        The meaning of building stone is the stones that are used as a building material. stone usages could be indoor and outdoor of buildings.

        1/ Outdoor Building Stones

        2/ Indoor Building Stones

        • Wall cladding in the parking lot, the stairs wall, and interior walls in the home, the office, the store, or the commercial complex. (It should be noted that most of the wall stones inside the home are used for decorative purposes, such as a TV wall made of a slab).
        • Indoor stairs like stairs in duplex and triplex houses, stairs ways
        • Cornice stone for walls

        Stone is often used in Iranian buildings because there are many stone quarries in Iran. Many types of stones, such as granite, marble, onyx, and travertine are used in buildings and each has a unique set of qualities and uses.

        Application & Proper Use Of Building Stone

        Depending on its usage, using stone properly is crucial. When stone is used improperly, it usually erodes, breaks, and is crushed over time, losing its natural beauty.

        Example 1: For instance, it would be very wrong to use the Dehbid marble stone as a facade due to its beauty; because erosion and cracking will eventually lead it to lose its beauty.

        Example 2: The use of granite for the facade will have the same results; however, in this instance, erosion and stone fall due to insufficient adhesion will occur from rusting of the iron in the stone.

        Standard Usage Of Stone Type In Building Parts

        According to noted items now there is a question. where is the right usage of each stone in building?

        Generally, we cannot define a specific role for all sorts of stone types. Because the longevity of a stone in an environment can be influenced by a variety of elements, not just the type of stone, but also its thickness, processing, and level of corrosion. However, taking into account all these concerns as well as the advice of industry professionals, several applications for stones can be considered, some of which are listed below:

        Usage Of Travertine Stones

        • Front and back facades of buildings
        • Indoor and outdoor wall cladding
        • Outdoor flooring
        • Crafting stonemasonry

        Usage Of Marble Stone In Building

        Granite Usages As Building Materials

        • Indoor wall cladding
        • Flooring in indoor and parking lot ( the types with less iron should be used in parking lots)
        • Indoor stairs
        • Outdoor flooring in the form of cubic or flammed granite stone

        Onyx Usages as building materials

        • Indoor walls (lobbies – hotels – building entrances – hallway in luxurious buildings in the form of slabs)
        • Living room wall
        • Religious place’s walls and floors in the form of tiles

        Effective Factors In The Price Of Building Stone:

        Sort & Type Of Stone

        The most well-known stone types and their use in buildings have already been described. In their high and premium grades, travertine, granite, marble, and onyx are typically the most expensive classifications. However, onyx stones are generally regarded as the priciest building stones.

        Color Of Stone

        One of the elements that affects the stones selling’s price is its color. Darker colors are used more frequently in various parts of the building, which makes some darker-colored stones more expensive. However, light-colored stones are more popular in some parts of the building, like the facade, therefore the cost of the building’s light-colored stone facade is higher.

        Dimensions & Thickness Of Stone

        Generally, the more expensive a stone is, the bigger its size. Large stones, also known as slabs, are more expensive than tiles and smaller stone sizes.

        Processing & Cutting Quality

        It is necessary to cut and prepare building stones before using them in buildings. The final cost of the stone is mostly determined by the stone’s hardness and softness, the tools required to process it, and materials used to cover and support it, like mesh, resin, and epoxy. For instance, granite’s great hardness makes it more difficult to cut, which raises the cost of stone.

        Important Points For Buying Building Stone:

        When purchasing a stone, it’s best to take the following factors into account:

        • Considering the substance and type of stone and standard thickness according to usage
        • Considering the cut’s quality, the angles of the stones straightness, and the lack of chips or cracks.
        • Considering the uniformity of the stones while loading and unloading.
        • Considering the quality of resin epoxy
        • Considering the quality of stone edges

        Common Questions About Building Stone

        Is it feasible to sell building stones online?

        A growing number of business owners have switched to the Internet in recent years as a result of the spread of the Internet and the popularity of online shopping. One of the most traditional and challenging items to sell online is probably building stone. However, Vazinstone has managed to do good work on this subject on its website for reasons like providing updated prices, the chance to view various types of stones online, and the ability to buy and pay online.

        What are the types of building stones?

        Travertine, marble, granite, sedimentary stones, and artificial stones are the categories used to classify common types of building stones.

        What is the price of building stones?

        Building stone costs are determined by several factors. Type – quarry, and stone sort, dimensions and thickness of stone – color, and design – the processing is done on the stone such as cut, polished, and resin. You can purchase building stones online and view the most recent and updated prices for all types on the website.