Atashkooh Travertine

Super Atashkooh Travertine Stone is undoubtedly one of the best and most beautiful and most expensive stones that are used in the facades of luxury buildings. Due to its white and uniform color, this type of travertine is prevalent among people for stone covering buildings and making stone artifacts such as fountains, statues, etc.

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Atashkooh  Travertine Stone is one of the best and most beautiful stones used in the facade of luxurious buildings. Because of its white, smooth, and polished surface, without any veins, this model has many fans. Atashkooh travertine stone mine is located in Mahalat City, Markazi province, which is almost ending, and buyers of Atashkooh Travertine Stone will need help finding it. Therefore, due to high demand and low supply, of course, the high quality of this product has a higher price than other facade stones.

Atashkooh is the original name of this stone known among local providers in Iran. often naming stones by their locally known names is not common around the world. it might be due to their not beautiful or attractive names. in addition, some of the stone providers prefer to avoid giving important information which might reveal the real price. so most providers prefer to give stones fancy names (in this case Royal White Travertine, or Bright Shell Travertine, and so on). Vazin company principle is to be completely clear with customers and give them correct information and a good experience.

Features Of Atashkooh Travertine Stone

Here are some features of Atashkooh Travertine Stone( the brightest travertine stone discovered on the earth):

  • It has a stunning appearance and gives the building a stylish and luxurious look.
  • It is resistant to abrasion, discoloration, paleness, and fracture and has very high strength.
  • The outer surface of this stone is resistant to extreme cold and heat and will not cause cracks, crumbs, and falls.
  • This stone will be a relative insulator of temperature and sound due to the holes in its texture.
  • The adhesion of the back of the stone is very high.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.

atashkooh travertine facade stone

Applications Of Super Atashkooh Travertine Stone

Super Atashkooh travertine stone is available in 40 cm width, slabs, and desired dimensions.

  • Due to the high price, it is primarily used in the main facade, Roman architectural facades, and modern facades.
  • It is also used as interior wall cladding ( interior facades).
  • It is also used in decorative products (fountains, sculptures, etc.).
  • It is exported to other countries as blocks.

The Price Of Atashkooh Travertine

  • The price of Atashkooh travertine stone depends on the factors such as light color, streaks, and veins and the quality of stone production and processing. As you can see the other type and prices of this stone in the gallery and price box, the brighter the stone background and without halo and lines, the higher the price of the stone.
  • Also, the dimensions and thickness of the stone can affect the price of the stone. Because travertine is mainly used in the stone facades of the building, and to prevent the stone from falling from the facade, the stone should be scooped.
  • Other factors affecting the price are quality and type of stone processing. These include resin consumption, surface finish quality, and precise stone cutting. Travertine is more expensive than other cuts if cut as a slab due to its high quality, accurate cuts, and uniform thicknesses.


  • high quality
  • bright color
  • uniform surface
  • Durability and long life
  • Excellent polishing

Weak points

  • high price
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2 reviews for Atashkooh Travertine
  1. selena

    What kind of stone do you recommend in places with high humidity?

    • مدیر

      Granite stones have the lowest amount of water absorption and then according to the type of use, travertine stones are suitable.

  2. Paul

    In addition to beauty, it also has a reasonable price

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