Book Matched and Four Matched Slab Stone

Book-Matched & Four-Matched Slab

A book-match slab is a type of stone slab that resembles an open book. It is created by arranging two stone slabs during production to match their waves and veins. This is achieved by processing the cut parts in opposite directions. Another type of slab, a four-match slab, is created by arranging four stone slabs in a symmetrical pattern around a central axis. The result is a stunning display of the stone’s physical features and vein patterns.

What Types of Stones are Processed as Book-Match?

Not all extracted stones can be arranged in the form of book-match and four-match slabs. Stones with wavy patterns and lines are utilized for this purpose. Among the stones that are appropriate for this kind of processing are all sorts of onyx, travertine, crystal marble stone, and some types of marble stones. It should be noted that book-matched and four-matched stone textures and patterns are widely different based on stone types.

Aligouarz book-match stone slab

Application of Book Matched and Four Matched Slab Stone

In general, the applications of book-match and four-match slabs can be summarized as follows:

  • Floors of luxury buildings
  • The Floor stone and wall stone of the lobby of buildings, hotels, restaurants, commercial centers, and offices
  • Decorating the interior and the TV room wall
  • Making inscription fountain
  • Restrooms and master bathrooms
  • Elevator door frame stone

There is a high potential for stone export from Iran due to this slab processing. We can say the slab stone is not being used at its full potential when it is not processed in the form of book-matched and four-matched. For this reason, this method of processing slab stones is frequently used.

Brown onyx slab stone

Fireonyx book-matched

Green granite book match stone slab

You can see images of foreign book-match and four-match slabs in the gallery below as well.

Book-matched slab

Affordable Alternatives to Slab Stone for Wall Covering

Artificial stone wall cladding or marble sheet is one of the new wall cladding that can be utilized in the form of slabs, which are produced in sizes of 120*280 and thicknesses of 2.5 to 4 mm. Aligoudarz marble sheet and Najafabad PVC wall cladding are two examples of marble sheets that can be utilized as book-match and four-match forms.

Lighting in book-match and four-match stones

Onyx and some other stones are backlit, for this reason, a very stunning effect will be created by putting LED panels under these types of stones.

Four-match slab
Four-match slab
Book-match slab
Book-match slab

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The price of book-match and Quad Matching slabs

Because the book-matching and four-matching processes are extensive and intricate, they are almost expensive.

The following list includes several factors that affect this type of slab’s cost:

  • Type of stone
  • The design and pattern of the matches
  • The quality of processing and cutting
  • Sizes and thickness of the stone

Once all of the above were considered, the final price will be announced and it will be delivered on time. You can visit the slab stone page to find out their precise price.

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