Turkish Bath Sink

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In Turkish bathrooms, the Turkish bath sink is an essential element that symbolizes the country’s bathroom culture. These bath sinks, locally called “Kurna” or “onyx pond” in Turkish, are skillfully crafted from natural onyx, crystal marble, and marble stones, creating an exquisite and enduring look.

Features Of Turkish Bath Sink

  • The Turkish hammam sink is usually crafted from crystal marble stones, although it can be made from other high-quality marble or onyx stones.
  • It’s often designed as a large bowl with long edges, featuring a deeper pond. This pond can have an oval, rectangular, or circular shape.
  • These sinks are typically a good size to accommodate a sufficient amount of water and to enable the water to be poured over the body.
  • They feature a wide variety of exquisite designs. Some include a section used to place soap or the bath bowl; this part is known as a “Hamam Tasi” in Turkish.

The Turkish bath sink is not only a useful tool for cleaning and pouring water, but it also represents beauty, art, and culture in this country’s bathrooms. This item is seen as a necessary component of the Turkish bathing experience and is frequently utilized in bath design.