A gravestone or tombstone is a stone placed on top of or on the grave of a deceased person. In most cases, the date of birth, the date of death, and a brief description of the deceased are engraved on it.
Of course, the inscriptions on the gravestone are in many cases a matter of taste and may change depending on the person’s gender, age, or manner of death.

Sometimes a short text or a piece of the poem is engraved on the tombstone. In many parts of the world, barcodes are engraved on the tombstones of famous people or artists, which can be scanned to get acquainted with the life of the deceased.

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Types of tombstones

Tombstones can be in solid white colors (artificial or nano), white with light gray streaks, solid black and black with dark gray grains, cream, bright and pale green, and teal Be. These stones are granite – crystal marble- marble, and sometimes artificial stone.

Put a photo on the tombstone

Sometimes a person’s family wants to print a photo of the deceased on a gravestone, which is possible for a stonemason. And also according to new facilities and devices, it is possible to print nearly 100% of the similarity of the photo on the tombstone. It is also possible to print the picture of the deceased in color but to print a color photo on the tomb, you must use ceramic tiles. There are rules and regulations regarding photo printing, especially in our country, which should be taken into account when ordering.

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Factors that affect choosing a tombstone

The choice of gravestone also depends on several factors. Apart from color and appearance, which are usually very important for the family of the deceased, other factors such as stone material, stone resistance to external factors such as rain and moisture and direct sunlight, stone strength for engraving writings, and even price are important factors in the choosing of a gravestone.

Onyx is usually a popular stone for tombstones. But this stone has a high price due to its high quality and remarkable beauty. Granite stones, often in black, can also be used for tombstones, which due to the different types of this stone and even its various colors, can offer a wide choice to customers. In the following, we will examine the factors that affect the tombstone in more detail.

Personal taste: Tombstones can be purchased in different colors and designs. White and black colors are common for tombstones, but you can use any other stone. The tombstone also has different designs ( height, edging, top frame, etc.) that you can choose according to your taste.

Religion: Different types of tombstones can be used depending on the religion. For example, the tombstones of Muslims, Armenians, and Jews are different.

Stone quality: In Iran, most tombstones are usually located in open environments and in the vicinity of wind, rain, and direct sunlight. So, the tombstone must have high quality and be resistant to various weather conditions.

Tombstone design: Tombstone design includes some information about the deceased, favorite text and poem, images, and so on. First, we have to pay attention to what design we want to carve on the tombstone, then choose the proper stone because the laser device can not work properly on some stones, and maybe the final design is not your choice.

Cemetery rules: Another thing that must be considered is the rules of the cemetery. For example, in Behesht Zahra (the largest cemetery in Iran), placing vases, candle holders, and having high tombstone height is forbidden. Be sure to talk to the person in charge of the cemetery before buying and be aware of its special rules.

Tombstone price: Price is one of the most important and influential factors in choosing a tombstone. In the following, we will concern about the factors affecting the price of a gravestone.

Tombstone price

The cost of a tombstone can vary depending on the type, size, thickness, design, color, and carvings of the stone.

The most expensive type of stone used for tombstones is black granite. This type of granite has a high density and very low permeability to water and is also very suitable for laser engraving. All these features have made this granite suitable for the tastes of a special group of people. Tuyserkan granite, Isfahan’s granite, white onyx stone, and Brazilian stone are also among the beautiful and quality stones that are used for gravestones.

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