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VazinStone flower pots in various styles, designs and sizes with all kinds of travertine, marble, and onyx stones are produced and supplied by the hands of professional masons. Stone flower pots are first cut by cutting machines in the dimensions of the flower pot mold, then they are turned into these beautiful natural pots by the hands of stone masons. More details about the stone flower pot


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          The materials used to make flower pots include plastic, earthenware, glass, natural stone, and artificial stone. Among them, stone flower pots are the most stylish and popular. It will be much more suitable and appealing to place the flower on a natural stone because of its natural quality.

          Professional masons create the Vazinstone flower pots, which are available in a variety of styles and are utilized for different usages. Generally, there are two usages for stone flower pots: 1. indoor usage (close space) and 2. outdoor usage (open space). Although some stone flower pots for outdoor usage can also be used indoors, we have categorized them here based on their common use.

          Indoor Stone Flower Pot

          These stone flower pots are more delicate and smaller compared to the outdoor stone flower pots. They are usually made of marble and onyx stones. They can be used indoors such as in homes, offices, stores, hotels, restaurants, etc. Their surfaces are polished, shiny, and transparent and the veins in the stone’s natural pattern, which are stunning and unique, are quite striking. The color of stone used in the construction of these flower pots could vary from cream, white, red, pink, brown, green, gray, blue, and black, or any combination of these colors. These colors are all present in natural stones and have the best tones.

          Outdoor Stone Flower Pot

          These stone flower pots are bigger than indoor stone flower pots but do not have the same elegance and quality. Instead, they are resistant to impact and different weather conditions. These stone flower pots are typically made of travertine stone, which has tiny holes throughout its surface and texture. The presence of these holes reduces the stone`s weight compared to other stones and makes it easier to move. These stone flower pots are appropriate for use on sidewalks in towns, gardens, outdoor complexes, courtyards, etc. It can also be used indoors such as corridors of large commercial and residential complexes.

          It should be noted that stone flower pots should be utilized with their bases to enhance their beauty and better match the space because of their beauty and uniqueness. These bases are often made from the same materials as stone pots and are available in a variety of shapes and designs.

          Outdoor stone flower pot

          Artificial Or Natural Stone Flower Pot

          The popularity of products created with artificial stones has increased along with their widespread use. However, compared to those produced with natural stone, flower pots made with artificial stones have several pros and cons that are explained below.

          Cons Of Artificial Stone Flower Pots

          • The dissimilarity in the pattern, texture, and streaks, and the failure to convey how the stone feels up close
          • Pollution absorption
          • Not very tight seams in multi-piece flower pots
          • Lower resistance than stone in long-term and outer space

          Pros Of Artificial Stone Flower Pots

          • Variation in color
          • Lower price

          Stonemasons frequently create stone flower pots and as a result, the artwork is given a creative essence that sets it apart from machine-produced items.

          Price – Online Ordering Of Stone Flower Pot

          The stone materials, size, shape, design, elegance, and carving of a stone flower pot are all taken into consideration when determining the pots price. On the Vazinestone website, all flower pots are listed with the most recent prices, and depending on a stone flower pots various dimensions, sometimes the costs are given individually so you can see their photos, order online or by phone, and receive them in your place.

          As you can see from the list, prices vary depending on the model and are between $21 and $1000.

          To make the space look more beautiful, you can put pebble stones on your stone flower pots. The stone flower pot is made stunningly beautiful by the use of pebble stones, particularly white pebble stones, which reflect light. Also, by evaporating water, these pebble stones retain moisture and keep flowers fresh.

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