Stone Sculpture

natural hand-made stone sculptures and statues for usage in gardens, indoors, and outdoors of buildings, and so on, with updated prices and various types. read more

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Iran is one of the biggest countries in terms of owning stone quarries. It turns out that all thing related to this material is highly developed. Producing sculptures and statues is one of them. There are an awful lot of artists and workers working on creating all kinds of sculptures and statues. The sculptures are mostly built with travertine marble and sometimes onyx.

Stone types of sculpture


Generally, sculptures built with travertine are life-size or larger and suit outdoor usage because travertine has suitable properties like good resistance in every climate condition.


Marble stone is the most common stone material for sculptures. Marble has a wide variety of textures and colors. That’s why when it comes to picking up in terms of type, marble is the first.


Needless to say, as a material, onyx is more beautiful and more expensive than other stones in sculptures. But the thing is, it has features that make it outstanding from other stones like the ability to pass light through itself or the high energy of the stone and so on.

Sculpture Types

Stone sculptures can be divided into different aspects, such as other art styles, shapes, and designs such as human sculptures, angel and girl sculptures, animals, objects, etc.