Stone Sculpture

Stone sculptures, which are made in the forms of humans, animals, and objects such as angels, lions, horses, hearts, cloud clusters, etc., are another type of decoration and stone artifact. You can order them in the shapes and sizes you wish. The description is at the bottom of the page, where you can read more about stone sculptures.

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Lion Sculpture


You will read the following on this page:

A sculpture or statue is an artwork made of materials such as stone, wood, glass, etc. that depicts or is reminiscent of a person, animal, item, or a special design that can be a symbol of a significant occasion. This product has a huge international market, and because of Iran’s special capacities, a significant amount of the markets global demand can be directed there to increase the export of stone and stone products.

Why stone sculpture?

Stone is the most widely used and popular sort of material for sculptures for the following reasons:

  1. Stone sculpture has a long history.
  2. It has a unique beauty.
  3. It is resistant to different conditions in both closed and open areas.
  4. It has high longevity
  5. Because of the hard material, it has greater artistic value.

Classification and types of sculptures

Stone sculptures can be categorized into several groups depending on various characteristics. In terms of style, such as various forms of sculpture, including human, angelic, and female forms-as well as objects, patterns and animals-there are many distinct artistic styles to consider.

For instance, the sculpture of a stone angle, a horse, chess pieces, a human figure, faces, a stone lion, etc., are just a few of the best sculptures you can see in the gallery below.

Uses of stone sculptures

Depending on the form of sculpture, stone sculptures are used in various places as displays and decorative pieces. Based on importance, its types include:

  • Large sculptures are placed in squares and public places in the city to remind famous people or special occasions.
  • As a decorative element that is used on the hall entrances, facades, and doors of luxurious homes and apartment buildings.
  • As a decorative item for the inside of the home that can be used alone or in combination (for instance in the fireplace, at the top of the staircase, etc.).

Prefab or custom-built sculptures?

Prefab sculptures

In general, stone sculptures can be ordered as custom-built or prefab items. Prefab sculptures often come in small sizes; some examples can be seen in the product list. The elegance and extreme attention to detail in making these products is one of their distinguishing qualities.

Custom-built sculptures

The situation is different with larger sculptures, and these products are typically not provided in a prefab form. These sculptures cannot be sold as prefabricated products due to the relatively high cost and time involved in making each one, as well as a wide variety of designs, sizes, and materials. Vazin Stone will therefore provide the sculpture to you on time after getting the design, specifications, and type of stone you want.

For instance, building facades and entrances are frequently decorated with angel sculptures. But, thousands of designs can be sketched and then finally carved into the stone to create the angel sculpture. You can see the professional sculptor and well-known artist, Albert, in the two photos below standing next to the custom-built sculptures.

Stone sculpture price and payment method

The following factors are used for calculating how much a stone sculpture costs:

  • Stone type and material (travertine-marble-onyx)
  • Sculpture’s dimensions and thickness
  • The level of elegance and accuracy necessary in the sculpture’s design

A cost inquiry will be given after specifying everything above and after receiving a prepayment of 50% of the entire cost, the sculpture’s construction will start. Once it is finished, it will be delivered, and installation services are also available upon request.