Falcon Stone Sculpture

This decorative sculpture is made of marble stone, which is available in two colors, cream and black. Falcon stone sculpture with an attractive and elegant design can be a good option for placing on the table and even for giving as a gift.

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The falcon stone sculpture, placed on one hand, is carved and made with delicate and beautiful details. The stone of this statue is Dehbid Shayan marble, which is one of the best and highest quality stones. In addition to the decorative aspect, Falcon sculpture has a high place in Iranian literature. It is a symbol of courage and agility.

Features of the Falcon Stone Sculpture

  • The dimensions of this beautiful falcon statue are 20 by 30, with a height of 40 centimeters.
  • The falcon statue can be placed on the table as a unique decorative element.
  • This fantastic statue is also made of black marble of Najafabad, which can be seen in the product gallery.
  • Also, if you are looking for a memorable and unique gift for your loved ones; We offer Vazin stone sculptures.
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  1. baker

    beautiful. But it’s expensive

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