Agate Stone

Agate gemstone is a very valuable quartz stone. This stone exists in a variety of stunning colors, and its delicate parallel lines are often “curved”. This stone has several healing qualities in addition to its decorative usage. At the bottom of the page, there is further information about agate.

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Agate gemstone (AGATE – Latin ) is a precious quartz stone consisting of silicon. In addition to its unique beauty, agate has many properties in the human body and soul, which we will discuss in different aspects in the following article.

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Structure And Physical Properties Of Agate Gemstone

Agate is a type of quartz that, according to the Mohs Hardness Table, hardness is about 7. Among minerals, diamond, with a hardness of 10, has the highest degree of hardness and is considered the hardest mineral, and graphite (pencil core) has a hardness equal to one. It can be said that the original agate has a good hardness with a difference of 3 degrees compared to diamonds. This hardness level is one way of pricing agate and distinguishing the original from its fake.

Metaphysically, agate vibrates slower than other stones but is considered a stabilizer and amplifier. In agate, microscopic quartz slides may look delicate, but it has a very high purity percentage and is present in rock texture with a significant percentage. Agate is usually found in beautiful colors, and its delicate parallel bands are usually “curved” and, in some specimens, concentric. Most agate used in trade are artificially painted and lack the energy of nature.

According to their properties, jewels, and stones absorb cosmic rays and heat and then reflect light and radiation to the halo and chakras.

Healing Properties Of Agate

Historically, Agate has been discovered with ancient Neolithic artifacts and used as healing anthologies and decorations dating back to Babylon. Its therapeutic uses have spread from ancient Greece and Egypt to Africa, the Middle East, and Russia.

  • Agate is very effective for eye problems.
  • This stone can treat headaches, muscle cramps, epilepsy, kidney, and intestinal problems, congestion, and inflammation.
  • These stones strengthen the lungs, stomach, liver, and brain, are a stimulant for the digestive system, and facilitate expression and speech.
  • Agate increases inner energy and improves sexual activity.
  • It also eliminates menstruation in regular women and fatigue of organs and joints.
  • This stone eliminates sadness and depression and calms people.
  • Agate regulates heart rate and blood flow and balances the body’s glands and hormones. As a result, it improves the body’s metabolism, facilitates the digestion and absorption of food and organic matter, and brings us vitality and freshness.
  • Agate is excellent for balancing emotional, physical, and mental energy. And in harmony with yin and yang, the positive and negative forces of the world.

Healing Properties Of Agate On The Soul And Psyche

  • Agate refines the mind and gently draws the mind to music and artistic creations. If used continuously, it causes the flourishing of internal and external talents penetration into the inner layers of human personality and profound insights into balance. It is also Provides insight and self-knowledge.
  • Agate enhances inner authority and makes interaction in relationships more enjoyable. The vibrations of this stone remove blockages and internal barriers and dispel negative energy. It is recommended to use it in apartments to avoid negative energy.
  • Agate is one of the auspicious stones and reduces the dangers and accidents of life. In mystical circles, it is believed there is a guardian angel and helper who strives for the evolution of the stone and its owner for every type of stone.
  • Agate acts on the body and mind together and returns dreamy and passive people to a more natural and fruitful life.

Beliefs About Agate

  • Carrying this stone while gardening increases fertility.
  • This stone protects against forces and evil thoughts, especially in children.
  • It promotes energy and strength and increases courage fortitude and longevity.
  • It is helpful to have it with you in times of danger, stress, and tension.
  • It is very efficient for concentration and increases introversion and breadth of vision, spiritual connection with nature.
  • The holder guides it to the hidden treasures.
  • It also relieves fatigue, cures neck and spine pain, and brings happiness, magnetism, and wealth.
  • It balances physical and spiritual forces and protects against physical dangers, especially in the dark of night.
  • It cures amnesia and guarantees the realization of the dreams of its possessor.
  • This stone is highly helpful for people who want to stop smoking since it helps them gain mastery over their ego and improves their willpower, attention, and mastery.

Use Of Agate In Feng Shui (Energetic Decoration):

Since Agate has balancing energy with healing properties and can be very soothing, it is widely used in Feng Shui. Agate gives exceptional freshness to its environment with its healing power and is also considered an earth protector. Therefore, they often use different opal designs in feng shui decorative accessories.
According to recent observations, the type of Iran agate has been identified as very suitable for ornamental purposes, ornaments, stone therapy, stone artifacts, decoration, and interior design.
Imagine how much energy lies in it since Agate dates back to about 55 to 60 million years ago. Therefore, having a piece of this eye-catching and wonderful gemstone in the polluted artificial environment of modern life will be a gift of nature’s unique masterpiece.

New And Special Uses Of Agate

Agate stones are used for ultra-luxury buildings and hotels, stone and energy therapy pools and baths, ultra-exquisite statues and sculptures, countertops, luxury cabinet tops, partitions, and thousands of other uses.

Agate Cleaning

As said earlier, stones feature unique energies and properties. They attract both positive and negative energy, though. Thus, they polish the stones using the proper techniques to restore their maximum power. There are several methods to clean agate stone. Some examples of them are given below.

Cleaning And Charging Agate With Water

Placing the stone in clear or flowing water, like the sea or river, works well for this method. To dry it, you should expose it to the sun or outdoors. Remember not to use any additional tools to dry it.

Cleaning And Charging Agate With Soil

Soil is one of the ancient and traditional methods of cleaning agate stones. Put your stone in the garden or flower pot’s non-acidic soil for a full day to do this.

Cleaning And Charging Agate With Saline Water

This is among the best methods for regaining stone energy. For a few hours, place your ring or agate stone in a solution of natural salt and water. After that, take it and let it dry naturally.

Brief Introduction Of Iran Agate Gemstone

Sedimentation of agate stones belongs to the Cretaceous period from the second geological (Mesozoic) era. Iran agate rocks in this period are due to the phenomenon of folding with the rise of volcanic material vapors from under igneous and cold stones and the crystallization of these vapors on limestone.

However, the 60-million-year-old top layer is older than the 25-million-year-old subsoil (the phenomenon of folding during orogeny has caused the layers to reverse).

Unique Features Of Iran Agate

1 / Unique And Eye-Catching Color

Elements such as copper, iron, and chromium have caused red and yellow colors and effects in the beautiful and unique stones of Iran agate. Most of the rainbow spectrum is present in these stones and is dominated by warm shades of red, orange, and yellow, known to jewelry experts as miniature autumn agate.

2 / Unique Dimensions And Volume Of Agate

Agate is often found in the shape of a few centimeters and small sizes of thin bands in white and gray colors, which are dyed with acidic pigments and enter the market. This stone’s primary producers and exporters are Brazil, India, and China. Colored agate is very rare and expensive globally, and due to the lack of large reserves and large dimensions, not much work has been done in this field.

Meanwhile, Iran agate is the largest agate mine in the world in terms of the diversity of colors and veins. And in large and unbelievable dimensions, the average is over 5 tons.

3 / Color Stability

Color stability in Iran agate is somewhat high at 1000 degrees Celsius and maintains its color stability. But limited and similar agate stones in India lose their color inside and outside the Red soil and in front of the sun.
Iran agate is the only agate reserve globally that has significant and abundant dimensions to become ultra-luxury agate bathtubs that have sold from $1.7 to 6 million in the world.

4 / Qualitative And Quantitative Comparison With Yemeni Agate

One of the capabilities of this stone is that it is unrivaled in terms of beauty and quality. ‌And it can compete with Yemeni agate.
Of course, we should mention that the Yemeni agate stock has run out, and it has a limited color variety.

It is important to note that large, one-piece tiles made of agate do not exist in Yemen or anywhere else in the world. The agate tiles that are available globally are usually sorted and painted tiles that are sold in Italy and China at high prices, ranging from 2 to 5 thousand dollars per square meter. These tiles cannot be compared to a one-piece agate tile.

Finally, Iran agate products are still unrivaled in being a one-piece, large volume, beauty, and variety of colors and streaks in the world and the market.

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