Among the variety of fireplaces, some fireplaces are made of brick, stone, or glass, as well as modern, classic, and other styles. One of the most frequent and extensively utilized fireplaces is the prefabricated stone fireplace. Further information about this product can be found at the bottom of the page.


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          Apart from its function ( heating ), today fireplace is considered as one of the beautiful elements of the interior design of the house. Today, due to the high demands for fireplace there are many different models for it.

          Types Of Fireplaces

          1 /In terms of type of material: we can mention brick fireplaces, stone fireplaces, electric fireplaces with modern, classic, ancient Iranian, simple styles. Stone fireplaces are most common Because stones are completely natural elements that, in addition to their unique beauty, they have a high resistance.

          2 / In terms of fuel type: we can mention wood, electric, gas, and jelly fireplaces. Depending on the country, the choice can be different. For example, in Iran, due to the cheapness of gas, almost all fireplaces are gas, and in Europe, due to the cheapness of electricity and higher efficiency, fireplaces are electric. For example, read this article on comparing fireplace fuel.

          3 / In terms of placement mode: In general, fireplaces are installed on wall, corner, and two-sided, which depending on the design and interior architecture.

          The Benefits Of A Fireplace

          In addition to heating, the fireplace is a beautiful element in the house. Its structural beauty as well as the beauty of having a natural fire in the home is one of its advantages. But this case should be considered knowing its disadvantages.

          Disadvantages Of The Fireplace

          1. The most significant disadvantages of fireplaces are very low efficiency and high energy dissipation. Often only 15% of the heat enters the home environment and the rest is wasted. In some cases, this waste has been reduced up to 70% with the basic architecture and the use of equipment, for example with double walls and the rotating heating system.
          2. The heat generated by the fireplace is often not enough for the building and there will be a need for another heating system next to it, especially in cold weather conditions.
          3. Other disadvantages are related to natural wood fireplaces, which create soot and make it difficult to clean and maintain. Of course, this is not the case with gas and electric fireplaces.

          Fireplace Prices – The Cheapest And Most Expensive

          The price of prefabricated or ready-made stone fireplaces is determined based on several factors:

          1. Type of stone
          2. Stone designs, tools, and decorations used
          3. Fireplace dimensions

          You can view and order fireplaces with updated prices in Vazinstone and the list above. Also, if the model you requested is not on the product list, you will have a fireplace in your home by sending a photo of the model.