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Stone Countertops

The use of stone in the construction industry has long been considered. Stone slab processing is one of the newest methods of stone preparation. One of the stone slab applications in the construction of kitchen counters and kitchen countertops. One of the most challenging choices when changing your kitchen decor is choosing a cabinet countertop. Stone countertops can be the best option for your kitchen space due to the variety of colors and models, durability and, resistance.

black marble countertop on cabinet island

Types of cabinet countertop

Cabinet tops can be made of different types of MDF or artificial ( Corian ) and natural stones. MDF panels are economical and come in various colors and designs, but if the MDF panel is damaged, water will seep into the cabinet sheet and cause it to break down. Corian plates have a long life but have a low resistance to scratches, which over time reduces their transparency. In addition to its beautiful appearance and excellent quality, stone slabs are remarkably durable against stains, heat, and scratches. But special attention should be paid to maintaining and cleaning it because these plates are more sensitive to acidic and chemical substances due to their innate nature.

But if you are looking for unique beauty and special effects for your kitchen countertop, the best choice is to use nature’s unique design. Because the color and design of natural stones are unrepeatable and exceptional, and none of the artificial types can make your kitchen look like it. 

Marble Stone Slab

Important points in choosing the cabinet countertop

One of the essential points in choosing a countertop is the material of the stone. It must be noted that a stone should be used that has a deficient water absorption so that the stone does not break. For example, Azna porcelainNeyriz porcelainAli Goodarz, and some Marble stones can be good choices for countertops. To prevent breakage of the stone kitchen cabinet top, be sure to iron the bottom of the stone.

A natural stone countertop is available in a variety of colors (dark – light) and designs (wavy and streaked – halo – uniform), depending on your choice in a variety of marble, granite, and onyx will be at your disposal.

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Countertops Edge Types

As you can see in the image there are many edge types for countertops. it could be simple and a mixture of multiple edge types based on your order. also, there are some portfolios of these types in the bottom gallery.

countertops edge types

Advantages of using a stone countertop

  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • High strength and durability
  • Anti-heat
  • Natural designs
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly

It should be noted that the granite cabinet top, in addition to the mentioned features, is very resistant to scratches and scratches and acidic materials compared to other stones.

How to order and measure

The process of executing these stones is such that experts accurately measure the size of the stone slab according to the dimensions of the cabinet; To be cut in the factory according to the exact dimensions with precision machines and tools. Other experts can also provide sizes.

Stone countertop price

The price of these countertops depends on the various items in order of effectiveness in the list below.

  • Stone type (marble – porcelain – marble – granite)
  • Stone dimensional
  • Thickness
  • Ironing under the countertop
  • Laser cutting and round tools (two-step, three-step, and modern)
  • Transportation and installation

After all the above items are specified, the price will be announced and delivered on time.

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