Angel Stone Sculpture

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One of the decorative structures used to make buildings attractive is stone sculptures. Among their types, we can mention the Angel Stone Sculpture, which is very popular and gives a beautiful effect to the environment.

This product is made in different shapes and types. One of the most popular designs is the winged angel statue. The angel statue is used indoors and outdoors, the entrance door of places, and the construction of water fountains.

Features of Angel Stone Sculpture

  • The angel statue is used in front of the entrance doors of luxury buildings, villas, courtyards, and in the construction of water fountains.
  • The stone of this sculpture is travertine, which has a high resistance in different weather conditions.
  • Depending on the desired type of use, you can also order this product in other stones such as (marble and onyx).
  • To prevent theft, they can be fastened to the ground with iron, making it very difficult to steal.

The Price Of A Angel Sculpture

The price of this sculpture is determined based on the following:

  • Dimensions of the design
  • The design itself and the elegance and details
  • Type of stone
  • Finishes types
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