Tiger Stone Sculpture

Tiger stone sculpture is used in many important places, parks, and the entrance of some buildings due to its beauty, and also it is a symbol of power and recklessness. It is made of crema marfil marble stone in one piece and it is designed for placing on the table.

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The use of animal sculptures such as lions, eagles, horses, and tigers has been popular among different types of sculptures. Therefore, the tiger stone statue is used in many places such as landmarks, parks, entrances of some buildings due to its beauty and also as a symbol of power and recklessness.

The way it deals with the details and the delicacy of the work has created a unique result in the product. The tiger head sculpture is made of dehbid marble stone and is designed as a desktop sculpture to be placed more easily on the table and your desired space.

Features Of Tiger Stone Sculpture

  • The tiger statue has dimensions of 25 by 30 with a height of 30 centimeters.
  • The stone of this statue is Dehbid marble (known as Crema Marfil Marble), which has a high resistance.
  • A stone tiger head sculpture can be a special and beautiful option for giving as a gift.
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2 reviews for Tiger Stone Sculpture
  1. M.Shafiq

    Can this be placed outdoors for long periods of time?

    • مدیر

      This statue is made of marble stone, and it’s remarkably durable, But since this stone is suitable for interior use, it is better not to use it outside for a long time. Because the extreme cold or heat can damage the statue, we recommend that you not place your statue on a surface that absorbs a lot of heat in the summer or water.

  2. Mehmet

    This sculpture is very beautiful and elegant. But it is expensive

    • مدیر

      thanks for your feedback! This sculpture is handmade and made with great elegance, so it may seem expensive.

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