Woman stone sculpture

Woman stone sculpture is a popular structure between builders and designers. It has a decorative aspect to make the facade of the villa, stairs, and the entrance of classical buildings beautiful.

It is made of travertine resistant stone and it can be customized in desired dimensions, design, and stone.

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Woman stone sculpture is another popular product among builders and designers. Usually, these sculptures have a decorative aspect, which adds to the charm and beauty of classic buildings’ villa facade, stairs, and entrance door.

Features Of Woman Stone sculpture

  • Garden Stone Lady Statue is commonly used in outdoor spaces such as facades and entrances of villas, halls, and hotels and on both sides of the stairs of luxury buildings.
  • The stone material of this statue is travertine, which has a high resistance in different weather conditions.
  • Travertine stone has small holes in its texture that for more beauty and durability; after making the sculpture, the statue’s surface is mastic and then polished.
  • To prevent theft, they can be fastened to the ground with iron, making it very difficult to steal.
ancient woman sculpture
woman garden statue
woman stone statue
garden stone lady statue
woman sculpture
woman sculpture - garden sculpture

The Price Of A Woman Statue

The price of these sculptures is determined based on the following:

  • Dimensions of the design
  • The design itself and the elegance and details
  • Type of stone
  • Finishes types
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