Egyptian Woman Stone Sculpture

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We suggest the Egyptian woman stone sculpture if you are looking for a different and unique decorative statue. This beautiful head sculpture is made with all precision and elegance. Usually, this type of statue and sculpture has more of a decorative aspect, which adds to the charm and beauty of the villa facade, stairs, and entrance doors of buildings.

Features of Egyptian woman stone sculpture

  • You can order Egyptian Woman sculptures based on your desired design and dimensions.
  • The stone of these sculptures is travertine, which has a very high resistance in different weather conditions.
  • Travertine stone has small holes in its texture that for more beauty and durability, after making the sculpture, the surface of the work is mastic and then polished.
  •  Due to the customization of this product, you can also order it in other types of stone (marble and onyx).
  • To make the stone statue of an Egyptian woman more beautiful, you can use different lighting to make it more visible.

The Price Of A Egyptian stone sculpture

The price of these sculptures is determined based on the following:

  • Dimensions of the design
  • The design itself and the elegance and details
  • Type of stone
  • Finishes types
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