Egyptian Woman Stone Sculpture

Egyptian woman stone sculpture is a decorative and special statue that is suitable for placement in the exterior or interior parts of buildings, such as facades of villas, stairs, and entrance doors of buildings. It is made of travertine stone, which is very resistant to different weather conditions.

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We suggest the Egyptian woman stone sculpture if you are looking for a different and unique decorative statue. This beautiful head sculpture is made with all precision and elegance. Usually, this type of statue and sculpture has more of a decorative aspect, which adds to the charm and beauty of the villa facade, stairs, and entrance doors of buildings.

Features of Egyptian woman stone sculpture

  • You can order Egyptian Woman sculptures based on your desired design and dimensions.
  • The stone of these sculptures is travertine, which has a very high resistance in different weather conditions.
  • Travertine stone has small holes in its texture that for more beauty and durability, after making the sculpture, the surface of the work is mastic and then polished.
  •  Due to the customization of this product, you can also order it in other types of stone (marble and onyx).
  • To make the stone statue of an Egyptian woman more beautiful, you can use different lighting to make it more visible.

The Price Of A Egyptian stone sculpture

The price of these sculptures is determined based on the following:

  • Dimensions of the design
  • The design itself and the elegance and details
  • Type of stone
  • Finishes types
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1 review for Egyptian Woman Stone Sculpture
  1. powell

    Do you make this statue in small dimensions?

    • مدیر

      yes we do

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