Lady Onyx Marble Sculpture

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Lady Onyx Marble Sculpture is a statue with a special and unique design, made of onyx stone. The stone sculpture of Lady has a very high elegance in polishing the surface and the curvature of the lines. It can be said without a doubt that it will attract the attention of any viewer. The stone nature of this product has doubled its beauty.

Features of Lady Onyx Marble Sculpture

  • This beautiful statue is made of black marble and onyx stones with dimensions of 15 by 15 and a height of 40 cm.
  • Lady sculpture can be used as a table in any house space with a classic and modern style.
  • This stone statue can be a good option for giving as a gift.
  • It should be noted that the color of the stones is completely natural, and no artificial colors have been used in their construction.
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