Crema Marfil Marble

Dehbid Stone or Crema Marfil Marble is one of the most famous marble stones for interior use. Warm and popular color with minimal design, glossy surface, medium resistance, and strong supply support, are the reasons that make this stone popular among foreigners that they even pre-purchase raw coupes of it.

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Crema Marfil MarbleCrema Marfil marble is one of the most widely used marble stones, it has a light cream color. This marble stone has other different varieties, which include red, and brown lines and halos of ice flowers. Due to its excellent physical properties and beautiful colors, Crema Marfil marble is one of the luxury stones. Despite its high quality, this stone is more affordable than other stones.




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Use of crema Marfil marble

  • Crema Marfil marble This stone, with its glossy and polished surface a uniform design, is a very suitable option for interior floor veneer.
  • In the interior space, it can be the flooring inside the house or the flooring of the lobby and corridors.
  • This stone can be used as wall cladding in tile and slab dimensions.
  • Also, higher thicknesses of this stone are used as stair stones.

crema marfil marble floor veneer

Crema Marfil marble sales place with various sizes

Vazinstone provides crema marfil marble in bulk and small for all kinds of practical sizes. Among the commonly used sizes, we can mention the 40 length size for walls, 60*60, 40*40, 50*50, and 60*120 tiles, as well as your desired sizes and small sizes. One of the new, beautiful, economical, and practical sizes of Crema Marfil marble floor stone is size 120*60 cm, which creates 120 tiles by being placed together. This size of crema marfil marble is suitable for hall and reception hall floors, hotel lobbies, restaurants, shopping centers, and office spaces.

Factors affecting the price of crema Marfil marble

The size and thickness of the stone, the grade and quality of stone processing, are among the things that affect the price of marble stone. Factors such as the requested size and the city of the place of the order are also not insignificant in determining the price of the stone. After cutting and grinding, crema marfil marble is divided into various types, and these types, the types have fewer streaks, brighter and cleaner colors will have a high price, and since the cost required to produce stones with larger dimensions is more than smaller stones. Therefore, the price of crema marfil marble with larger dimensions will be higher than crema marfil stone with smaller dimensions.

Crema marfil marble stone quarry is located twenty kilometers from Dehbid city of Fars province.


  • Beautiful and warm color
  • High quality
  • Uniform surface
  • High polish and gloss

Weak points

  • Relatively high price
  • Relatively low compressive strength
  • High slipperiness if there is water on the surface
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