Persian Silver Marble

Persian Silver Marble has a sort of cappuccino and grey color theme in combination with special-shaped stone lines which is a great option for tasteful architects and designers for the use of interior parts of the building such as walls, floors, and stairs. The advantages of this stone are its high quality and reasonable price.

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Last price update at: February 11, 2023
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Persian silver marble stonePersian Silver Stone belongs to the Marble stone category. It has gray color with its unique texture and design veins. The fewer streaks this stone has, the higher its quality. The surface of this stone has a highly polished surface, so it has a very shiny and transparent surface. If you are looking for a stone with quality and a reasonable price for your building, we offer you Persian Silver marble.

Application Of Persian Silver Marble

Marble stones are not suitable for use in building facades due to their heavy weight and weathering, but it is the best option for use in interior facades. The use of this stone can be as follows:

  • Interior walls of the building
  • Stairs in residential, commercial, and office complexes
  • Floor stone of office complexes
  • Interior wall Stone

In general, the use of dark stones with low abrasion resistance as floor stones is not recommended. Because the scratches created over time destroy its beauty. Of course, this can be eliminated by polishing the stone, but it should be noted that dark marble stones should not be used on the floor in spaces where a hard object may be drawn on it.

Due to the color and design of this stone, Using it as wall stone is much more common than as floor stone. In general, the use of dark stones with low abrasion resistance on the floor is not recommended. Because the lines and scratches created over time cause its beauty to disappear.

Factors influencing the price of Persian Silver Marble Stone

  • Low-veined has a higher price.
  • The thickness of the stone has a direct effect on its price.
  • The larger the stone dimensions and the more accurate the cuts, the higher the price.
  • The city where the order is made and the stone mine have an impact on the price.
  • Processing quality (saw, cut, resin) affects the price.

Persian silver marble stone slab

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40 cm width, 40*40, 60*60

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wall, flooring

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20 millimeters


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