Golden Black Marble

You will be excited to see this stone! But wait a little bit and make informed decisions. Because this stone has many designs and different amounts of golden and white streaks. Moreover, it has different backgrounds. They’re damaged in acidic environments and are not suitable for outdoor use. Widely used in tabletop stone – interior wall stone – elevator frame – floor and staircase complement, and stone artifacts.

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Golden Black Marble is one of the marble stones with a black or sometimes brown background with natural gold and white streaks. This stone is made in slab size and tile. The slab size of this stone is trendy. The mine of this marble is in Barzok, near Kashan city in Isfahan province in Iran.

The most important applications of this stone are in paving the interior, facade, interior walls, elevator stone, and sanitary services in residential units and commercial and office centers, especially luxury centers such as hotels and halls.

Golden Black Marble Appearance

The combination of golden and black colors with a few white streaks makes this stone very beautiful. The golden lines on this stone are exactly the color of yellow gold. The pattern and texture of this stone are unique and unrepeatable due to the product’s naturalness. Also, the polished finish and shiny surface make it fancier.

Some Specifications Of Golden Black Marble

  • beautiful colors and textures
  • suitable for indoor usage
  • low price

Some Prohibitions of golden black marble

  1. This stone is from the marble family stone, so its surface gradually becomes dull and Worn out in outer space.
  2. The use of acidic detergents destroys the shiny surface of this stone. The best way to clean this stone is with a wet napkin.
  3. The best use for this stone is in the walls and then on the floor.

Golden Black Marble Slab

Golden black marble stone slab
golden black marble slab

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20 millimeters


kitchen counter top, wall



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  1. master

    very nice. but it is not suitable for floor cladding!

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