Khoy Marble

shiny, distinct and warm stone – Suitable option for flooring stone, stairs and internal walls, preferably in complementary form – It is often offered in the form of stone tiles in 40 longitudinal dimension.

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Khoy Marble with the color of espresso bright or dark cream with streaks fades into the heart of light cream color that looks like Bastam Marble. The quarry of this stone has various varieties of marble. The lower the veins and the lighter the color, the higher the quality and price will be.

This type of marble has good sanding and light color and density. This stone is often processed in the form of slabs and large slabs, and in the production process, resins and high-quality abrasives are used to improve the production quality.

Applications Of Khoy Marble

Khoy marble is available in 40 lengths, slabs, and desired dimensions.

  • Interior view of buildings
  • Paving of residential – office and commercial units
  • Interior walls (stairs – parking and corridors)
  • Stone stairs
  • Floor covering (stairs – lobby)

Khoy Marble Maintenance Tips

This stone is easy to clean and maintain due to its polished and shiny surface.
It is worth mentioning that you should not use strong and acidic detergents to clean this stone and all marble family stones.
If you use it as a floor stone in crowded places such as lobbies and corridors, after a while you will see it become cloudy, which will be like its first day by using the sub-machine.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Khoy Marble

The price of Khoy marble depends on the following factors:

  • quality of stone
  • Dimensions and thickness of the stone
  • Quality of stone processing (sub-cutting)
  • Requested area
  • City of the place of order


  • glossy surface
  • beautiful colors
  • High compressive strengt

Weak points

  • Minimum abrasion resistance
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1 review for Khoy Marble
  1. Joey

    Doesn’t it lose its Glossy surface and crack in crowded places?

    • مدیر

      If you use it as a floor stone in crowded places, after a while it’ll become cloudy, but You can polish the surface again by using the sub-machine.

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