Persian Sperlus Marble

One of the types of Crystal Stones with limited supply which is relatively rare and it has a variety of colors and high price. It can be used as a furniture table or a lunch table according to the requested color.

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If you are looking for a stone with a gray color theme with beautiful and natural textures and a streak of cobwebs for the floor and walls inside your building, Persian Sperlus Marble is one of the best options for you. Contrary to expectations, this stone is extracted and processed in Iran ( Kerman-Sirjan province ). This stone can be a good option for use in flooring and wall covering of interior spaces such as lobbies, corridors and stairs, indoor flooring, and bathroom walls that are used in all types of residential – commercial – office – hotels, and restaurants. Be. Also, working with this stone as a slab (one piece – book-matched and four-matched) creates a beautiful view.

Features of Persian Sperlus Marble

  • It has a beautiful appearance with a peculiar color and streak (spider shape).
  • This stone is classified from the family of crystal ( Chinese ) marbles.
  • It has low water absorption.
  • Not so little color game
  • High sanding has made its surface transparent and polished.
  • It has a reasonable price due to in-house extraction and processing.

Price of Sperlus Marble

  • Factors affecting the price of this stone depend on the custom dimensions. Naturally, larger dimensions will be directly related to price.
  • Sperlus in different varieties has differences in streaks and mixed colors. If in some varieties, warm (yellow) or white streaks are not seen in it. This will also have a direct impact on the price.
  • Finally, the required area can be up to 15% effective in price.
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1 review for Persian Sperlus Marble
  1. Jacob

    Is the porosity of this stone high or low?

    • سنگ وزین

      very low

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