Simakan Marble

Simkan Marble stone has a Nescafé color, which gives warmth and special splendor to the interior building. It is one of the most popular and durable marble stones that can be used in the interior of luxury buildings as a floor stone for hotel lobbies, large commercial centers, and stylish residential units.

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Simakan Marble stone is another marble stone available in the market whose color spectrum is light and dark beige cream. The mine of this stone is in the Bavanat city of Fars province in Iran. It produces in the dimensions of tiles and slabs. For Simakan stone to have more strength and gloss, resin and epoxy are used in its production process, and high-quality polishers create a very good glossy finish in Simakan stone.

Features Of Simakan Marble Stone

Simakan marble is mostly used in the interior spaces of buildings and especially floor paving, and with its dark and light beige colors, it creates a special beauty in the interior spaces of buildings.

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  1. Bashir

    such a high and good quality photos

    • مدیر


  2. Donna

    how much is the water absorption of this stone?

    • سنگ وزین

      very low to zero for 2cm thickness

  3. Harry

    Hi, Do you have transportation to europe?

    • مدیر

      hi sure. which country are you in?

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