Bat Stone Sculpture

A decorative and stylish product which is designed to be placed on the table. It is made of Najafabad black marble stone in small dimensions of 15*20 cm. It is a suitable choice for gifting.

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We offer you the Bat Stone Sculpture if you are looking for decorative and interesting products. The bat stone statue is a great and unique product. You can place this sculpture on the table in the center of your home or workplace.

Features of Bat Stone Sculpture

  • This statue is made of the beautiful Black Marble of Najafabad in dimensions of 15 by 20 with a height of 40 cm.
  • This product can be a good choice for giving as a gift.
  • The bat sculpture is designed as a table sculpture to be placed more easily on the table and your desired space.
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15*20 cm


40 cm


1 review for Bat Stone Sculpture
  1. shaw

    It is hard to recognize the design, maybe it would be better if it was made with a lighter stone

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