Abadeh Golden Cream Waveless

Abadeh golden cream waveless marble has been one of the most common and popular types of affordable stones since ancient times. popular among traditional and modern architects and builders.

Suitable for indoor spaces such as wall stone and floor stone with residential building use.

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Abadeh golden cream waveless marble is one of the most beautiful types of Abadeh stone. Abadeh marble is produced in two forms, wavy and non-wave, of which this type is the non-wave type. Abadeh marble has been one of the most common stones in the market since ancient times. It is popular among architects and builders.

The Characteristics of Abadeh golden cream Waveless marble

  • Creating peace, warmth, and unique glory due to the beautiful design and color
  • Average compressive strength
  • Suitable price

Application Of Abadeh Golden Cream Waveless

The tile stone of this product can be provided in any ordered size.

This stone can be seen in indoor spaces such as wall stone, staircase walls, parking lots, and floor stone. Note that its use as floor stone should be in residential buildings with low traffic. Otherwise, we will see cracks in it.

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