Abbas Abad White Travertine

Abbas Abad Super travertine stone is one of the most attractive stones for building facades, and its whiteness attracts every viewer. This relatively expensive stone is unique worldwide and is the best choice for people of good taste.

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Abbas Abad white Travertine is one of the best bright travertine stones in the world. This stone is one of the most attractive stones for the building facade. Its surface’s bright color and gloss attract every viewer, and it is a tasteful choice. Abbas Abad Super Travertine has some features such as a beautiful appearance with light bone color tending to white, high strength, very high polishability, suitable porosity, and also resistance to acid rain for building stone facade use.

abbasabad travertine wide texture

Abbasabad is the original name of this stone known among local providers in Iran. often naming stones by their locally known names is not common around the world. it might be due to their not beautiful or attractive names. in addition, some of the stone providers prefer to avoid giving important information which might reveal the real price. so most providers prefer to give stones fancy names (in this case Shiny Bright White Travertine, or Bright Shell Travertine, and so on). Vazin company principle is to be completely clear with customers and give them correct information and a good experience.

Features of Abbas Abad Travertine

 Here are some features of this stone :

  • It has a beautiful appearance and gives a stylish and luxurious look inside and outside the building as facade and wall cladding.
  • The adhesion of mortar with this stone is very high.
  • As a stone for the facade, abbas Abad Super Travertine has high durability against different weather conditions in addition to its beauty and transparency.
  • Due to the pores in its texture, this stone has the property against heat and sound.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain

abbas abad super travertine stone texture

white travertine Iran stone on facade


Applications of Abbas Abad White Travertine


This stone is used in the following cases:

  • Main and exterior facades of the building
  • Interior walls of residential, commercial complexes, hotels, restaurants, and in the lobby, corridors, etc. (Abbas Abad Super Travertine slabs are used in the hall and interior walls of the building as a book-matched slab )
  • Stone artifacts such as fountains, vases, sculptures, etc.

Abbas Abad Travertine is available in 40 cm width, slabs, and desired dimensions. although travertine usage in Iran is mostly in 40cm width * unlimited length size, the majority of orders from European and other countries are in tile sizes as you can see in the bottom image. 

iran white travertine tile as wall veneer and facade veneer


abbasabad iran travertine stone facade

Price of Abbas Abad Super Travertine

  • Abbas Abad Super Travertine’s price depends significantly on this stone’s general sort. The selling price of this white stone varies according to the uniformity of the stone, so the more the color of this travertine stone turns white, the higher the selling price. White Abbas Abad Travertine has the highest price. These stones are classified from low to super grades based on the type of colored sort.
  • Other factors affecting the price of this stone are its dimensions and thickness and the type of processing (resin, surface finish, and precision cutting).

Abbas Abad Travertine mine is located in Nimvar Mahallat city in Markazi province.

Travertine Abbasabad portfolio in the facade


  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Natural streaks with slight color differences
  • light color
  • High Quality
  • High polish

Weak points

  • high price
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2 reviews for Abbas Abad White Travertine
  1. liam

    would you please present more photos of this stone ?

    • مدیر

      sure . as soon as possible.

  2. Robert

    Is the installation tools included like scope pieces?

    • سنگ وزین

      no. there are different types of installation. so you should provide your own materials and tools.

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