Chocolate Travertine

A chocolate brown tone stone, combined with lighter and more uniform types without waves, is used on the exterior of the building and as a wall stone in the interior of the staircase and lobby, as well as making some stone artifacts.

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facade travertine light brown kashan

Chocolate Travertine has Chocolate brown and classic brick red color. The mine of this stone is in Kashan state in Iran. Due to its relatively dark color, this stone is not used uniformly in the facade and is used with other light color sorts from its family (Travertine). With its unique color, this beautiful stone is a good choice for use as facade stones and wall cladding inside and outside of the building. This stone has two sort: wavy and wavless.



Features Of Chocolate  Travertine

      This stone is one of the travertine stones in Persia (Iran). Here are some of its advantages :

  • beautiful surface with a shiny and polished finish
  • processed with resin and epoxy to more resistance in outdoor usage
  • less weight because of inside holes and low density
  • more Adhesion in comparison with other stone types
  • normal price
  • easy cleaning and maintenance

chocolate travertine in facade

Applications of chocolate travertine stone

  • chocolate travertine can be supplied in tile, slab, and desired dimensions
  • Its primary use is in the exterior of the building.
  • It is used as a wall stone in the interior spaces of the building in the staircase and lobby.
  • In the form of stacked stone on the facade and interior decoration.
  • It can also be used in landscaping and making decorative products.
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2 reviews for Chocolate Travertine
  1. Burhan

    Can it be purchased in person?

    • سنگ وزین

      what? i can’t get your mind.

  2. Noah

    can I use this stone as floor stone ?

    • مدیر

      in some places, yes but it is better to use it for facades and walls.

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