Cream Curly Vein Travertine

A beautiful and high-quality stone. The density of some elements such as iron has caused inhomogeneities in the form of streaks with a large volume. There are no quality defects, it only shows its naturalness. For those who are looking for special stones, we recommend this stone for wall and facade use, especially in villas.

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If you are looking for a beautiful stone for landscaping the facade of villas, gardens, restaurants, and halls, we recommend Nabati Abbas Abad travertine (Cream curly vein travertine) stone. Nabati travertine with a light cream color theme and brown streaks will give your building a different look. The veins on this stone are natural. And its surface is completely smooth, uniform, and without any protrusions.

Abbasabad travertine stone, with its unique design and color, will be a suitable choice for the facade of your luxurious buildings. This stone is also used for the façade of residential buildings, but it is mainly used for the facade of gardens, villas, restaurants, etc.

Advantages Of Cream Curly Vein Travertine

  • High resistance to environmental factors such as sunlight, snow and rain, heat, and cold.
  • Proper adhesion of the back of the rock due to its holes.
  • Relative insulation of heat and sound due to pores in the internal texture.
  • Glossy and polished surface without any porosity on the outer surface.
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2 reviews for Cream Curly Vein Travertine
  1. Ammar yousf

    This is not white. Correct the name

  2. William

    does this stone have matte surface ?

    • مدیر

      no, it has a glossy surface finish.

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