Abegarm Travertine Stone

The Mahallat City of Iran has various kinds of Travertine mines. At this city’s top, you can see the Travertine Stone quarry next to the Mahallat spa. A stone with a cream theme and an affordable option for facades and walls of indoor and outdoor a building.

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Features Of Abgarm Travertine Stone

Abgarm Travertine Stone has recently been used as a building facade stone. This product is also used in interior and exterior walls. This beautiful stone is one of the most popular travertines due to its high strength and uniform design.

This stone is cream. Its glossy sub gives a special glow to your living environment. This product is available with a thickness of 20 mm and 40 cm width (travertine tile & slab) and can be in custom size according to your orders. Its uniform design reduces your worries about multi-colored walls.

abegarm travertine in building

 Abgarm Travertine Stone Mine

The mine of this stone is located in Mahalat. Abgarm Travertine Stone’s blocks have a relatively reasonable price, and you do not need to pay high money to transport them because they are mostly cut in the Mahalat and Isfahan.

Comparison With Other Travertines

Low grades of Abgarm Travertine Stones are used as linear stones in parts of the building that are not visible or on stone tablets. Hajiabad and Abbasabad travertine stones and Darreh Bokhari travertine have higher quality than Abgarm Travertine stones and higher prices.

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  Advantages Of Abgarm Travertine Stone:

  • The outer surface of this stone is highly resistant to severe cold due to covering the pores and holes in the surface with resin and will not cause cracks, crumbs, or falls.
  • This stone is a unique choice to cover the interior space of large and small pools and relatively warm places due to keeping cold and cool in its surface layer.
  • Porosity and Numerous holes in the surface of this stone have made it very suitable as a floor covering for outdoor spaces, and it also reduces the possibility of slipping.
  • It is very resistant to abrasion, discoloration, paleness, and fracture and has good strength.
  • It has a stunning appearance and gives the building a stylish and luxurious look.
  • It weighs less than other stones and will reduce the weight of the building.

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    • سنگ وزین

      yes. any sizes from 10 cm to slabs are available.

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