Parapet Wall Stone

Three cm stone suitable for parapet and drip groove on the walls in the outdoor space. It is an unpolished and resistant stone in different weather conditions.

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Parapet wall stone, or drip groove, is commonly made of Haji Abad travertine. Although it has a matte surface, it is strong due to its low water permeability. This makes it ideal for use in humid and wet environments. There are two types of parapet wall stone: grooved and non-grooved. The grooved type is used to direct rainwater, particularly on the roof, as a drip groove on the walls. Despite being categorized as low-quality travertine, it serves its purpose well. 

Features of parapet wall stone

  • High resistance
  • Adequate adhesion
  • Insoluble in water
  • High thickness

Uses of parapet wall stone

As mentioned above, this stone is more suitable for humid environments and spaces that are prone to getting wet due to its low permeability, such as:

  • Parapet of the edge of the walls
  • Roofs
  • Pools
  • The facade of a building
  • Bathroom stone in public places such as parks and religious places

Types of parapet wall stone

Parapet wall stones come in three types: flat, one-sided, and two-sided, each with a specific purpose. The one-side grooved stone is used for window edges, two-side grooved for parapet walls, and flat stones for pool edges.

Factors affecting the price of parapet wall stone

Among the factors that affect the price of parapet wall stone, the following can be mentioned:

  • Stone quality
  • Manufacturer
  • Dimensions and thickness
  • Circulation
  • Where it is being ordered from
  • The way of production and processing



  • Reasonable price
  • High adhesion
  • Proper insulation

Weak points

  • High porosity on the surface of some types of this stone
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