Abyaneh Super Travertine

It is one of the brightest travertine stones, and its texture has a lower compressive strength and wears resistance compared to the travertines of Atashkooh, Abbas Abad, and Derreh Bokhari. Hence, this stone has an affordable price, which is a suitable option for interior and exterior walls and facades.

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Abyaneh Super Travertine is the brightest, whitest, and most uniform stone among travertine stones. As be obvious, the whiter stones, which have fewer waves, will be more expensive. But the price of this stone is not as high as the white and waveless travertine of Abbas Abad, and it is at least 30% cheaper. The reason is the material of this stone. Because Abyaneh travertine has a lower density and a lower mass percentage volume than other travertines, its sediment is less dense. For these reasons, this stone has less resistance. But it doesn’t mean that its beauty isn’t considered and is not used in different spaces such as building facades, internal and external walls, landscaping, etc.

Features Of Abyaneh Super Travertine

The features of the Super Abyaneh travertine are the following:

  • One of the advantages of this stone is that it will be brighter after exposure to sunlight.
  • This stone has the best quality and durability, and you will not have to worry about resin protruding or becoming blurry over time.
  • This stone is cut horizontally without a wave.
  • In the weaker sorts (grades 2 and 3), the stone’s color will be dark cream and light chocolate in various designs.
  • It has pores on the surface, making it more lightweight than other stones such as marble and granite.

Applications Of Abyaneh Super Travertine

Super Abianeh travertine stone can be supplied as travertine tile (40*30cm, 30*20cm, …), slabs, and desired dimensions. This stone is an excellent option for use in the main facades of the building. Moreover, it is also one of the most widely used stones in the facades of classical buildings due to its light color. To their taste, builders and designers can use this white stone in indoor and outdoor spaces, such as walls, facades, landscaping, and interior decoration.

Price Of Abyaneh Super Travertine

  • Color Of Stone 
  • The Surface Finish of the Stone
  • Quality and Processing
  • The size of the stones (width, length, and thickness)

According to the high price of facade stone in some types with white and light colors, this stone will be a suitable option for fans of light facade stones due to its affordable price.

The mines of this stone are located near Natanz in Isfahan province (Kamjan village) near the road to the historical and famous village of Abyaneh.

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40 cm width, 60*60, desired dimension


1.7 cm

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wall, facade


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1 review for Abyaneh Super Travertine
  1. Corin

    Can it be used for the floor?

    • مدیر

      No, this stone is only used in walls and facades

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