Yazd Wavy Chocolate Travertine

  • It`s available in tile form.
  • It features great density, low porosity, and high polishability.
  • It can be used as facade stones in uniform and combined form, stone walls, and making some stone artifacts.
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The Yazd wavy chocolate travertine has a chocolate color background and its waves and veins are Nescafe. This travertine stone comes in a variety of sorts and grades. First-grade variety feature Nescafe streaks and more regular waves. The Use of this travertine stone together with other stones can give your building a very stylish yet warm appearance.

Features of Yazd Wavy Chocolate Travertine

  • This stone is available in tile and desired size.
  • Low porosity and high density are characteristics of Yazd wavy chocolate travertine stone. It has a good polishability as a result of this.
  • Because this particular type of travertine stone reacts to moisture and frost, epoxy and resin are used to shield its surface.

Application Of Yazd Wavy Chocolate Travertine

  • Use in uniform form or in combination with light and white travertine stones on building facades. (This stone is used less uniformly in the facade because mostly light colors are chosen).
  • It can be used in the building`s interior wall (staircase wall, terrace, patio, etc.)
  • It can be processed in the form of stacked stone.
  • Some Stone artifacts like fountains can be made with it.


  • Low porosity
  • High density
  • Durable and beautiful color
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