Darreh Bokhari Travertine

This type of travertine stone is mainly used in facades and walls of luxury buildings. It is used for the walls of staircases, parking lots, lobby walls, etc. One of the characteristics of this type of stone is its beauty. These stones have a light cream color.

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Application Of  Darreh Bokhari Travertine

The most common use of this type of travertine is in the facades and interior walls of luxury buildings. It also can be used in stairs walls, parking lots, lobby wall stones, etc. This type of travertine is beautiful and has a light cream background with some dark cream or chocolate streaks in low-price sorts (as you can see in the price box).

More Beauty And Efficiency

Super Darreh Bokhari Travertine is nearly expensive compared to other Iran travertine and is mainly used in luxury and costly buildings. These stones generally have high abrasion resistance and density due to their excellent polishing property, high transparency, etc.

The buildings that used  Darreh Bokhari Travertine are so unique and beautiful. This stone is primarily used in the interior and exterior of buildings as travertine tile and slab. Darreh Bokhari is one of the relatively expensive types of travertine stones, but its grades one and two have a lower price.

 white travertine stone facade- Iran Building Stone

Darreh Bokhari is the original name of this stone known among local providers in Iran. often naming stones by their locally known names is not common around the world. it might be due to their not beautiful or attractive names. in addition, some of the stone providers prefer to avoid giving important information which might reveal the real price. so most providers prefer to give stones fancy names (in this case Shiny Areola White Travertine or Nimbus Crema Travertine, and so on). Vazin company principle is to be completely clear with customers and give them correct information and a good experience.


Advantages Of  Darreh Bokhari Travertine

  • The outer surface of this stone is highly resistant to intense cold due to the processes performed on it and will not crack, crumb, or fall.
  • Porosity and so many cavities in the surface of this stone make it very suitable to be used as a floor covering and corridors and reduce the possibility of slipperiness.
  • It is very resistant to abrasion, discoloration, and fracture and has high strength.
  • With its bright and almost white color, it has an elegant appearance and gives the building a stylish and luxurious look.
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3 reviews for Darreh Bokhari Travertine
  1. karen

    Is there any whiter stone for the facade?

    • سنگ وزین

      yes. travertine stone of atashkooh, abasabad, abyaneh

  2. Paul

    simple and widely used stone

  3. kim

    Is it possible to order this product both matte and glossy?

    • سنگ وزین


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