Tabas Travertine

Among the travertines, you will not find a stone with this beautiful design despite its affordable price. One of the most beautiful wavy designs of travertines and very similar to Abbas Abad travertine, but with a cheaper price, more distinct waves, and darker background color in a variety of grade-1 and grade-2. Beautiful effect on the facade and interior and the exterior wall of the building.

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Tabas travertine stone has a white background with black, honey, silver, and sometimes pink streaks. This stone is very similar to Abbas Abad travertine stone, with the difference that it has more porosity and distinct waves. Due to its bright color and high quality, it is among the famous stones of architects and builders.

This stone has super, premium, and first-class grades, the difference in their uniformity and waves. Naturally, the brighter and more uniform the stone is, the higher the price. The product’s default price is the premium type of this stone, which you can choose from the stone quality option in the price box.

Features of Tabas travertine stone

  • High flexibility
  • Polished and mirror surface
  • Stylish and luxurious appearance
  • High adhesion with mortar
  • The property of relative insulation against heat and sound
  • Super Tabas travertine stone can be supplied in 40 cm width sizes.

Applications of Tabas travertine stone

The application of this travertine, like other travertine stones, is in the exterior and main facade of the building. In addition, it is used in the interior walls of commercial and residential complexes, hotel lobbies, corridors, etc. It also makes stone artifacts such as fountains, pots, and stonemasonry craft.

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  1. Eady

    It has beautiful designs and veins. And the price is reasonable

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