Azarshahr Lemon Travertine

A travertine-type stone with a special and unique color that is unique. Due to the wave design and special color, it reminds one of the structures of wood. Suitable as a complementary stone in the facade – wall or floor.

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Azarshahr Lemon Travertine with a lemon color is another type of travertine stone from Azarshahr mines, which is processed in two ways, wavy and non-wave. The lemon color of this stone, which sometimes has an orange color, has given it a unique charm and beauty. Travertine stone has a high resistance to pressure and impact, encouraging many engineers to use these stones.

The advantage of Azarshahr Lemon Travertine

  • As a result of long-term use, it has not changed color and has excellent absorbency.
  • It has a shiny and uniform surface.
  • It has exceptionally high adhesion with building materials, including mortar.
  • It does not change color against sunlight and various weather conditions.
  • It has high wear resistance.

Application of Azarshahr lemon travertine

  • It is widely used in the preparation of stacked stones.
  • It is used as a facing stone in the interior or exterior of the building in tile and slab size.
  • It is also used as a floor covering or wall covering.
  • It is used as a carcass stone.
  • Due to its porous texture, it is used as a heat and cold insulator.
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1 review for Azarshahr Lemon Travertine
  1. Calder

    Doesn’t it lose its glossy surface due to humidity?

    • مدیر

      If its glossy surface becomes cloudy in the outdoor space over time, you can easily make it shiny like the first day with the Sab-machine.

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