Mahabad Tramit

A unique and affordable stone that’s great for interior walls. It’s light-colored and made of travertine and marble, similar to Atashkoh stone. Be careful because it can stain easily and isn’t suitable for exterior use.

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Mahabad Tramit, or Mahabad travertine, is a type of stone with a uniform and white background. It looks similar to the Atashkooh travertine stone, but one key difference exists. Mahabad Tramit has a higher amount of lime, which gives it a more opaque appearance. The evolution of Mahabad travertine stone’s popularity over time is a fascinating subject to explore. Surprisingly, it was once considered one of the least desirable construction stones due to its porosity. However, it is noteworthy that it has become one of the most extensively used stones by architects and designers worldwide.

Features of Mahabad Tramit

  • Mahabad Tramit stone is available in different colors and types in wavy and waveless forms.
  • This stone can be ordered as tilesslabs, and desired dimensions from the Vazinstone website.
  • This stone’s high percentage of lime and porosity causes the structure to bear a low weight.
  • The price of Mahabad Tramit is lower than Atashkooh and Abbas Abad travertine stones.
  • This stone has a much higher density than other limestones, such as Bukan Tramit and Marvdasht Tramit.
  • One of the advantages of Tramit stone is its good carving and use in different dimensions and shapes.

Uses of Mahabad Tramit

  • This stone is not recommended for areas exposed to moisture. Perfect for facades of buildings in dry conditions. Durable and looks great when used right.
  • Mahabad Tramit stone is versatile and durable, suitable for exterior and interior decoration. It can be used as stacked stone and is ideal for reception halls and villa landscaping. However, avoid using it in damp areas.
  • This stone is used as a stonemasonry in facades, especially Roman-style facades.
  • Consider the cut and location when using Mahabad Tramit stone. The wavy cut suits hidden areas, while uniform cuts are for prominent areas. 
  • Tramit stones are ideal for decorative pieces because of their bright color. It works well for facades and decorative purposes.

The price of Mahabad Tramit

Factors affecting the price of this stone include the following:

  1. Stone dimensions and thickness
  2. Its grade and color
  3. Stone processing quality
  4. Requested size

Mahabad Tramit quarry is situated in the West Azarbaijan province and is exported to various countries.


  • Uniform and bright color
  • Reasonable price
  • Resistant to sunlight, cold, and heat
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    Is it suitable for use on the inner wall of the building corridor?

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