Wavy cream travertine stone

Cream travertine with waves of light and dark cream color, creating an eye-catching combination next to chocolate and darker stones. Used as facade stone and wall stone in the interior of the building.

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Wavy cream travertine has a cream-colored background with waves of the same color and slightly darker. This beautiful stone is one of the most popular travertines due to its high strength and uniform design. Cream travertine stones, combined with distinctive colors such as chocolate, make a beautiful combination in the facade of the building.

Features of Wavy cream travertine

Features of this type of travertine include:

  • High resistance under variable weather conditions (cold-hot and dry)
  • High polishability
  • Proper adhesion of the back of the stone due to the holes in the stone structure
  • Relative insulation of heat and sound due to pores 

Applications of wavy cream travertine

Wavy cream travertine stone is available in 40 lengths, slabs, and desired dimensions.

  • Facade of the building.
  • Wall stone for residential and office buildings (lobby wall stone)
  • Stair wall
  • Parking lots

In the following pictures, you can see samples of corrugated cream travertine stone:

Price of Wavy cream travertine

The price of  Wavy cream travertine stone depends on the following:

  • Dimensions and thickness of the stone
  • Its sort and color
  • Processing quality
  • Requested area


  • Proper adhesion
  • high polish
  • high resistance
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