Tuyserkan Black Granite

Tuyserkan black granite is one of the blackest and most shiny granite stones, which can only be photographed in the studio. Because it acts like a mirror, it is resistant and suitable for the wall. Due to the product’s black color and glossy surface, using it on the floor will put you in trouble for constant cleaning.

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Tuyserkan black granite tombstone

Features Of Tuyserkan Black Granite

  • Its water absorption is almost zero.
  • It has very high resistance and color stability in any weather condition.
  • It is resistant to impact and pressure.
  • The color is practically uniform black.

Use Cases Of Tuyserkan Black Granite

  • Tuyserkan black granite can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • The high resistance of Tuyserkan granite has made this stone one of the most suitable granites for choosing a tombstone.
  • Also, this stone can be used as stair stone and staircase, indoor and outdoor paving, and wall stone.
  • It is a very suitable option for the elevator floor in terms of beauty, durability, and high strength.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Tuyserkan Granite

The price of Tuyserkan black granite depends on the following factors:

  • Sort of stone and uniformity of pattern and color
  • The quality of processing in production and the straightness of all its angles
  • Requested size
  • Thickness

It also has a higher price than other granites due to its unique color and high quality.

Tuyserkan Granite quarry

Tuyserkan black granite`s quarry is located in Hamadan province, near Tuyserkan City.

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1 review for Tuyserkan Black Granite
  1. Ivan

    If you use this with a lighter stone in the facade, it will be unique.

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