Natanz Black Granite Stone

One of the most used granites at this time. It’s beautiful and has a black background (sometimes dark gray) with gray spots. It’s used in building facades (in the past), doors, walls, stairs, tombstone, artifacts, etc.

The affordable price is one of the most prominent features of this stone compared to competitors.

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Natanz Black Granite has a black background. In some cases, the color of the background is slightly different along with long white fading lines. This granite stone is very resistant to cold, heat, weathering, sunlight, and a harsh user environment. Today, epoxy materials are used to make this stone more attractive and effective.

Natanz black granite texture

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Uses of Natanz black granite

  • Black granite is mostly used for walls, stairs, yard floors, parking, and commercial and office floors.
  • Natanz black granite is very resistant to chemical materials and has the least amount of discoloration and corrosion. It is also an antibacterial stone that prevents the accumulation of infection and does not allow the growth of fungi and mold. so it can be used in the kitchen and laboratories as a countertop.
  • It is also produced in different types such as: filmed and cubic, which is used in parking ramps and sidewalks.
  • And finally, due to its unique and beautiful color, it is considered a very suitable supplement along with other stones in combined use.

black and white granite stairs stone

The price of  Natanz Black Granite

The price of Natanz black stone depends on the following factors:

  • Uniformity of design and color
  • Processing quality in production and being a bag
  • Requested size
  • Thickness

This stone has a higher price than other granites due to its unique color and high quality.

Painted Natanz black granite

This stone is also processed in painted and epoxy. The painting of black granite stone can be of excellent or average quality. The difference will be in the appearance and durability of the stone`s color. painting makes it blacker and also hides the spots and a few gray streaks. This is most useful in the use of tombstones.

Sooran granite is one of the high-quality epoxy granites Which is about 30% higher in terms of price. In the picture below, you can see the painted groups of Natanz black granite.

Natanz black granite exposy colored

Natanz black granite texture
As you can see in the picture, this stone often has a texture with spots and sometimes white and gray streaks and halos, which can be seen on the right side of this picture.

The quarry of Natanz Black Granite

The quarry of this beautiful black stone is in Kashan, kilometer five of the Natanz road towards Ureh village.

In the table below, you can see the strengths and weaknesses of this stone.


  • Uniform surface without color problems
  • Good abrasion resistance and compressive strength
  • Low water absorption
  • Almost no porosity
  • High polishability

Weak points

  • Heavy weight
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