Nehbandan Granite

Maybe the color and having coarse spots in Granite’s texture are not your favorite. But the appropriate price, resistance, and stability in all conditions will change your opinion. the best choice for hard and crowdy spaces like factories, workshops, and laboratories.

In three different types – Strong support and having a comfortable feeling due to its durability and quality.

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Nehbandan Granite has three types in gray, cream, and orange color and it is also known as Golpanbe. This type of granite stone is coarser than other types. The low-grades of this stone have black and gray spots on it. Nehbandan granite stone quarries are located in South Khorasan province and Nehbandan city.

Features Of Nehbandan Astan Granite

The features of this stone include the following:

  • Mass production in domestic quarries
  • Appropriate price
  • High resistance ( against cold and heat, alkalis, impact, and pressure )
  • High longevity
  • It can be cut into large sizes and desired sizes

Nehbandan granite closeup

Applications Of Astan Nehbandan Stone

Applications of this granite include the following:

  • As floor stones in busy places ( stairs  – subway – parking – yard – corridor )
  • Cabinet top
  • Stairs inside and outside the building
  • Sidewalks and parks in the form of cubic stones

It is recommended to avoid this type of stone in places where water is constantly flowing on it. Because Nehbandan granite has a relatively abundant element of iron in its structure, which oxidizes the stone over time and loses its beautiful appearance by being in the vicinity of water and moisture.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Nehbadan Astan Granite

  • Production quality
  • Stone size
  • Its thickness
  • Mining – Section and stone grading

Harms Of Granite On Health

It is worth mentioning that in general, the use of granite in laboratory spaces and exposed to X-ray and gamma rays is not recommended .



  • Appropriate price
  • Porosity close to zero
  • Very low water absorption
  • High gloss
  • High abrasion and compressive strength

Weak points

  • High iron in the elements and rust when exposed to moisture
  • Relatively heavy weight
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  1. Ron

    Do you recommend this stone for use in the bathroom wall?

    • مدیر

      No, its not suitable for use in the bathroom

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