Nehbandan Orange Granite

Maybe the color and having coarse spots in Granite’s texture are not your favorite. But the warm color, appropriate price, resistance, and stability in all conditions will change your opinion. In three sorts – Strong support and having a comfortable feeling due to its durability and quality.

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Nehbandan Orange Granite has a bright background with an orange-cream color theme and has widely used as paving stones in high-traffic areas. This granite stone has a shiny and uniform surface, and spots in its texture have created a beautiful effect. It also has high resistance in different environmental conditions. Nehbandan granite stones have different color variations, including cream, orange, and gray, and the brighter theme has a higher price.

Applications Of Nehbandan Orange Granite

  • This stone can be used as a cabinet stone in the laboratory and kitchen.
  • It is widely used for flooring stone in the interior and exterior of the building.
  • It is a suitable paving stone in high-traffic areas such as parks and sidewalks.
  • It is a durable flooring stone for stairs, parking lots, and stairs.

Features Of Nehbandan Orange Granite

  • This stone has high-performance sanding and is used in different dimensions.
  • Due to its beautiful color and design, it is a suitable option for indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • It has high resistance and will not change in quality over time.
  • It has a bright color and uniform surface.
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