Green granite red spot stone slab

The green granite red spot stone slab has a dark green color spectrum and light green and sometimes yellow streaks patterned. It has high durability and high longevity. It is also shiny with a polished surface. It is suitable for the floor, wall, kitchen counter top, and tv wall.

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Last price update at: January 27, 2024
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The green granite red spot stone slab combines light green and dark green with halos of white color and golden streaks, making an attractive image and impressing customers. This granite stone with individual effect, is extracted from quarries of Razavi Khorasan province and is often processed as slab and exported to other countries. This stone slab is one sort of Birjand green granite.

The sellers and suppliers of this beautiful stone, due to better attraction of the customer and Make their product unique, often put beautiful and unoriginal names on the product. Sangvazine, according to its mission of providing accurate information for an informed purchase, uses original and common names in the market for domestic and foreign customers.

Among the types of granite stones, we can mention Birjand watercolor green granite stone slab and Birjand turquoise granite stone slab.

Whereas these stones have different streaks and patterns, their book-match and four-match processing makes a unique and incomparable pattern; you can see book-match patterns in the photos below.

green granite red spot book matched slab stone


Specifications of green granite red spot stone slab

  • This stone slab is produced and released to the market in dimensions 290*180 cm( The listed price is specific to these dimensions)
  • Very high density
  • It has excellent polishability and also has a shiny and polished surface
  • High compressive strength and abrasion resistance
  • Low water absorption
  • High durability and high longevity
  • It is resistant to weather conditions

green granite red spot book matched slab

Uses of green granite red spot stone slab

  • Internal wall stones of luxury buildings
  • Floors of reception halls, building lobbies
  • Bathrooms and restrooms
  • Reception counters
  • Kitchen Countertop
  • Stone tv wall

green granite red spot book matched-stone-slab

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1 review for Green granite red spot stone slab
  1. Rick

    Do different sorts of this stone have different prices? Or, for example, all three photos you uploaded have the same price?

    • مدیر

      No, their prices are the same. The listed price is for 280×180 dimensions.

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