Maya crystal marble stone slab

Thassos crystal marble is known for being the whitest crystal marble in the world. It has a shiny surface, but its water absorption is high. The marble is available in different grades and forms, making it adaptable for use in bathrooms, walls, and floors.

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We suggest the Maya crystal marble stone slab if you`re looking for a uniform white stone with the fewest streaks for your building`s design. One of the whitest stones with light gray lines that are least noticeable in super sorts is the Maya crystal marble stone slab, also known as the Thassos crystal marble.

The Maya crystal marble stone is commonly used in its slab form due to its large dimensions. This type of crystal marble stone is often called snow white stone in certain varieties because of its consistent and streak-free nature. It shares similarities in appearance with Neyriz crystal marble and some super types of Aligoudarz crystal marble stones.

Features Of Maya Crystal Marble Stone Slab

  • It has a white, uniform, and luxurious surface.
  • It has high polishability and a great polished surface.
  • It can be produced in book-match and four-match forms in second- and third-grade sorts.
  • It has great compressive strength, abrasion resistance, and strength.
  • It has high water absorption.
  • It is stainable (oil, tea, and coffee).

Uses Of Maya Crystal Marble Stone

  • Floor stone in the interior parts of the building
  • Stone walls in different parts of the building, like the lobby and staircase
  • Floor and wall stone for restrooms and bathrooms
  • TV wall
  • Production of stone artifacts such as washstands – fountains – sculptures – vases – stone serving stands – dining table tops and coffee tables.

Maya Crystal Marble Stone Slab Quarry

Thassos or Maya crystal marble stone is extracted from quarries in Greece’s northern region, near the Bulgarian border.

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