persian silk marble stone slab

Persian silk marble stone slab has a gray background and polished surface. It has enough strength and density and is used in the interior design of modern buildings in the wall and floor sections.

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The uniform appearance and gray color spectrum of Persian silk marble stone, along with the lines and streaks that have a silky texture, have caused it to be processed in large dimensions (slab) to expose its beauty as much as possible.

Persian silk marble stone slab, which is also known as Emperador stone, apart from its beautiful pattern and color, also has good resistance and it can be used as walls and floor cladding in interior parts of buildings and modern spaces.

Specifications of Persian silk marble stone slab

  • This product is produced and released in dimensions 200*150 cm. The listed price is specific to these dimensions.
  • This stone slab has low water absorption and proper abrasion resistance.
  • It has a glossy surface and a bright color background, and using it with darker stones will create a beautiful combination.
  • If this marble stone is used on the floor, depending on the type of use over the years, we will see its transparency decrease, which can be restored to its original state with using of polishing machines.

Uses of Persian silk marble stone slab

  • It can be used as floor stone in kitchens, reception halls, and luxurious hotels
  • Kitchen countertop, stone reception counter
  • Interior wall stone of residential and commercial buildings
  • Bathrooms and restrooms

The quarry of Persian silk marble stone is located in Fars province, Neyriz city, 10 km from Haji Abad road.

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