Spider marble stone slab

Spider marble stone slab with black and dark brown background and golden-white streaks is released in dimensions 305*167 cm. It can be used in residential and commercial buildings as stone wall.

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Spider marble stone slab with a dark brown and black background with golden streaks and, fine white streaks like spider webs make a very attractive pattern. spider marble stone slab is processed in large dimensions and one piece and it is one of the most special building stones. Despite the dark background, it  has high transparency because of high polishability and it can create a special composition for the interior walls of the building along with other light stone.

Specifications of spider marble stone slab

This stone can be released in dimensions 305*167 cm and the listed price is specific to these dimensions.

  • It has special and unique color and pattern
  • High polishability and high transparency
  • Low water absorption
  • No porosity in the stone`s surface

Due to the low abrasion resistance of this stone, it is not recommended to use it as a floor stone.

Uses of spider marble stone slab

This product is often used in indoors and interior parts of buildings like:

  • The stone wall of the lobby in residential and commercial buildings, luxury places, etc.
  • Bathrooms and restrooms
  • Kitchen countertop or stone reception desk
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305*167 cm

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  1. Cyrus

    Using it in dark decorations creates a special view

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