Patak crystal Marble stone

It is one of the most beautiful crystal marble stones in Iran. To understand the proper use of this stone, pay attention to the photo gallery of this particular crystal stone. Sorts of distinctive patterns and colors. Special, elegant and heavy, Resistant and versatile. Can be used in interior and exterior design. Wall- facade- floor- stair and also stone artifacts such as wash stands, vases, dishes, etc.

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Patak crystal marble stone (Palsandro) is a stone from the family of marble stones with a gray background and with white and golden streaks and also with a light gray background and pink and golden streaks. This stone is also known by other names such as Palsandro crystal marble stone, Bandar Abbas marble stone, and Dipesco stone.

Patak marble stone has 6 different colors, including dark gray, dark golden-gray, golden-gray, pink-golden, light golden-gray, and light gray. The gray color is the common color among these varieties, but the difference is that the presence of gold and pink streaks distinguish them from each other.

Annually, a significant amount of Patak stone is exported to Asian and European countries due to the presence of domestic quarries, a variety of patterns and colors, as well as suitable physical and chemical properties. The quarry of Patak crystal marble stone (Palsandro) is located in the south of Kerman province, Patak village.

Patak crystal marble texture

Features of Patak crystal marble stone

  • This stone is available in different dimensions of slabs
  • Bandar Abbas marble stone has low water absorption, compressive strength, high polishability, and various patterns and colors.
  • Due to the presence of this stone`s quarries inside the country, there are large reserves of it.

Parts of this stone that are in the old parts of the quarry can pass light due to more crystallization of Carbonate minerals.

Uses of Patak crystal marble stone

  • Exterior facade of luxurious and modern buildings
  • The interior design of buildings, including stone walls, parking walls, and restrooms
  • Paving hall and reception, hotel lobbies, and luxurious residential buildings
  • kitchen countertops as well as the stones between the cabinets
  • Making some stone artifacts such as dining tables, coffee tables, etc

Due to its beautiful and distinctive streaks, this stone has been widely used in the form of book-match and four-match slabs, which will enhance the beauty of your space by using these patterns

Effective factors on the price of Patak stone

  • Dimensions and thickness
  • The pattern of stone and color
  • Quality and type of processing
  • Requested size

In the gallery below, you can see some of the worked samples of Patak crystal marble stone

The Cost Of Transporting Slabs

Slab stones need to be handled with special care during moving, transporting, loading, and installation due to their large size, weight, and sensitivity to impact. That’s why the price of transporting this stone is also very considerable. In some cases, we may need to use a crane to lift the slab stone to higher floors, which could significantly increase costs for the customer.

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