Royal green granite stone slab

Royal green granite stone slab is an exceptional stone with green color and white streaks background released in dimensions 270*180 cm. It has high durability and  strength and is suitable for the interior floor of luxurious buildings

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Royal green granite stone has a high similarity in appearance with marble stones. At the same time, it has the high durability and strength of granite stones. With an individual pattern and beautiful color, this stone has physical features like Birjand green granite stone and is processed as a slab. Royal green granite stone slab has a green background with white streaks and lines, and it also has a shiny and polished surface, which makes it more attractive. 

Green is soothing for the body and soul. Because of that, this product is used in the interior decoration of particular and important or stressful places. Royal green stone slabs can be processed as book-match and four-match slabs because of the different lines and patterns.

Specifications of Royal green granite stone slab

  • The dimensions of this stone slab are 270*180 cm. The listed price is specific to these dimensions.
  • It has excellent polishability, and it also has a shiny and polished surface.
  • It is resistant to various weather conditions.
  • Low water absorption

Uses of Royal green granite stone slab

  • Walls of interior decoration in luxurious buildings, halls, and hotels
  • Stone reception counter and kitchen countertop
  • The pavement of luxury buildings, corridors, and halls
  • Stylish bathrooms and restrooms
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