Yazd Red Granite

A type of Granite with special color and coarse spots. To create a permanent color and design on flooring and walls of the interior or exterior of the building as a supplement, border strip, central design, etc.

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Yazd red granite is one of the highest quality stones in Iran. Its color spectrum is very wide and varies from dark to light. Its red type is known as tomato red color and its dark type is known as sumac color. This type of stone is found in the mines of the Qaleh Khargooshi area in Gavkhoni, Iran.

red granite facade

Features Of  Yazd red granite

Among the important features of this granite, the following can be mentioned:

  • The black, brown, and white grains are evenly distributed on the surface of the rock
  • Low water absorption 
  • High polishability
  • High compressive strength is also one of the prominent features of this stone
  • The price of this type of stone has been very reasonable. This price depends directly on the size, thickness, grade, and quality of production
  • It is mass-produced
red granite in building

Application of Yazd red granite

  • This stone is cut in common dimensions of tiles from 30 cm to 80 cm with a thickness of 2 to 3 cm.
  • Paving of the interior and exterior parts of the building
  • Main facade
  • Stair stone and staircase
  • Bathrooms

The quarry of Yazd red granite

The quarry of Yazd red granite is located in Yazd province.

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  1. Ariel

    The combination of this stone with a black granite creates a beautiful stylish view

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