Sooran Black Granite Natanz

If you are looking for a wide range of quality finishing on Sooran black granite Natanz with high supply power, this beautiful stone definitely will be your choice. It is widely used in indoor and outdoor spaces such as walls, floors, stairs, etc.

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Sooran Black Granite Natanz is also known as Dr. Hosseini’s black granite Natanz stone. Generally, This stone is known as Natanz granite. Another granite mine in Natanz is Molayi Granite. This stone has a higher price than other types of Natanz granite. One of the reasons is its manufacturing quality.

Types of finishing of Sooran Black Granite Natanz

When we talked about processing and finishing, it is worth mentioning that Sooran Black Granite stone can be available to you in a wide range of quality finishing. Processes or finishes of this stone include the following:

This processing is available in three types: Scratched – Scrathed Exposy and Scratched Sand Blasted. In general, this finishing creates a rough and high-friction surface.

  1. Eight types of cuts: Cut Broken – Cut Hammer – Cut Flamed – Cut Polished – Oblique Cut- Irregular Cut Sandblast – Irregular Cut – Cut Broken Sandblasted
  2. two types of cotton: Plain and Exposy
  3. Four types of flamed: Flamed – Leathered Flamed – Exposy leathered flamed – Cut flamed.
  4. Two types of polished: Polished and Polished Exposy
  5. Two types of hammered: Cut Bush Hammered, and Bush Hammered
  6. Two types of Hond: Plain and Honed Exposy
  7. Sand Blast Exposy

Sizes and cuts of Sooran Black Granite Natanz

  • Tile sizes in standard thicknesses
  • Slab dimensions
  • Block Size
  • Headstone sizes
  • Cubic Stone Size

Application of Sooran Black Granite Natanz

This beautiful black stone is efficient and can be used everywhere, depending on the finish. Six main groups of uses are listed below:

black granite sooran on wall

  • As flooring stone and stairs in the interior and exterior of the building.
  • Parking floor and parking ramp
  • Wall stone in indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Elevator flooring
  • Tombstones
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1 review for Sooran Black Granite Natanz
  1. Aaron

    In what dimensions can this stone be ordered with Flamed surface?

    • مدیر

      different Types of tiles in different thicknesses
      slabs, tombstone، cubic

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