3 The Best Travertine Stone In The World

3 the best travertine in the world

Travertine is one of the stone types that has a lot of usage as wall and facade cladding in buildings. the most significant properties of this stone are:

  • beautiful with its natural color and vein
  • various types of colors from white or grey to brown and red
  •  good resistance against various weather conditions in outdoor
  • lightweight

Now the most beautiful, light, and resistant travertines (the best travertine) are only in Iran. by now in 2024 years, these colors of travertine have never been found in other countries and quarries. 
these travertine are three types:

1/ Abbas Abad Travertine

Abbas Abad Super Travertine is one of the best bright travertine stones in the world. This stone is one of the most attractive stones for usage in the building facade. The bright color and gloss of its surface attract every viewer and it is a tasteful choice. This stone is one of the products of the Vazin Stone online store. Abbas Abad Travertine has some features such as a beautiful appearance with light bone color tending to white, high strength, very high polishability, suitable porosity, and also resistance to acid rain for building stone facade use.

abbasabad white travertine 40 cm width

Features Of Abbas Abad Super Travertine

Here are some important features of this stone :

  • It has a very beautiful appearance and gives a stylish and luxurious look inside and outside of the building as facade and wall cladding.
  • The adhesion of mortar with this stone is very high.
  • As a stone for the facade, Abbas Abad Super Travertine has high durability against different weather conditions in addition to its beauty and transparency
  • Due to the pores in its texture, this stone has the property of kind of like insulation against heat and sound.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain

another sort of Abbasabad travertine texture

abbasabad travertine textures

2/ Atashkooh Travertine

atashkooh travertine facade stone

Atashkooh Travertine Stone is one of the best and most beautiful stones used in the facade of luxurious buildings. Because of its white, smooth, and polished surface, without any veins, this model has many fans. Atashkooh Travertine Stone Mine is located in Mahalat City, Markazi province, which is almost ending, and buyers of Atashkooh Travertine Stone will have a hard time finding it. Therefore, due to high demand and low supply and of course the high quality of this product, it has a higher price than other facade stones.

Features Of Super Atashkooh Travertine Stone

Here are some features of Atashkooh Travertine Stone

  • It has a very beautiful appearance and gives a stylish and luxurious look to the building.
  • It is very resistant to abrasion, discoloration, paleness, and fracture and has very high strength.
  • The outer surface of this stone is resistant to extreme cold and heat and will not cause cracks, crumbs, or falls.
  • Extraction and processing of this stone are done in Iran.
  • Due to the high price and to prevent waste, it is processed by sawing and in the form of slabs.
  • This stone will be a relative insulator of temperature and sound due to the holes in its texture.
  • The adhesion of the back of the stone is very high.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
Atashkooh Travertine Gp in Facade

3/ Darreh Bokhari Travertine

The most common use of this type of travertine is in the facades and interior walls of luxury buildings. It also can be used in stairs walls, parking lots, lobby wall stones, etc. This type of travertine is so beautiful and has white or light cream with stylish waves and pages.
More Beauty And Efficiency
Super Darreh Bokhari Travertine is expensive, so it is mostly used in luxury and expensive buildings. In general, these stones have high abrasion resistance, and high density of stone due to their very good sub-susceptibility, high transparency, etc.
The buildings that used Super Darreh Bokhari Travertine are so unique and beautiful. This stone is mostly used in the interior and exterior of buildings. Darreh Bokhari is one of the relatively expensive types of travertine stones, but its grades one and two have a lower price.

Advantages Of Super Darreh Bokhari Travertine

  • This stone is produced in the country and exported to other countries. Its preparation does not impose much cost on the consumer and buyer.
  • The outer surface of this stone is highly resistant to intense cold due to the processes performed on it and will not crack, crumb, or fall.
  • Porosity and so many cavities in the surface of this stone make it very suitable to be used as a floor covering and corridors and reduce the possibility of slipperiness.
  • It is very resistant to abrasion, discoloration, and fracture and has very high strength.
  • With its bright and almost white color, it has an elegant appearance and gives a stylish and luxurious look to the building.


if you want to have a light, bright, resistant, beautiful, stone for facade and wall cladding, you can take it for granted that these three travertine types are the best.

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Publish on: March 11, 2022
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